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Thursday 20 February 2020

Germany Shooting WAS TERRORISM

Today, one on subject at least there is no comment from pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins, Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, the man who killed UKIP Gerard Batten,  and not even a peep from that party’s former Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. That is because the subject is a mass shooting in the German town of Hanau, where eleven people have now died - including the gunman and his mother.
Tobias Rathjen

Why all those less than totally august individuals have said nothing is down to one thing, and one thing alone: the shooter was not a migrant, he was white, and he certainly wasn’t one of those Scary Muslims™. He was a far-right conspiracist called Tobias Rathjen, who disliked Islam, but was, apparently, more generally racist. His prejudices included anti-Semitism - once again, this oldest of hatreds coming, as ever, from the right.

As Lizzie Dearden of the Independent has told, “He wrote a 24-page manifesto, writing how ‘certain peoples must be destroyed’  and filmed several videos”. He appears to have deliberately targeted shisha bars. The BBC has explainedShisha bars are places where people gather to smoke a pipe known as shisha or hookah. Traditionally found in Middle Eastern and Asian countries, they are also popular in many other parts of the world”.
At least five Turkish citizens are among the dead. This was, whisper it quietly, a series of acts of terrorism. But although the T-Word can be readily uttered when one of those ghastly brown people does it, the media is rather more reluctant to use it for white people. So the Beeb has told “'Far-right extremist' carried out shisha bars [sic] attacks”.

Yes, even the BBC. And the Guardian, a media outlet that might have been expected to directly call this for what it was, has merely toldA gunman has killed nine people in two apparently racially motivated shootings at shisha bars in the German town of Hanau, police have said. The suspect then killed himself, according to police, after also killing his mother at his home”. Racially motivated. But not Terrorism. Except for German media.
At least the Mail does mention the T-Word, but quote marks: “German neo-Nazi 'terrorist' who shot nine dead before killing his mother and himself was a far-right conspiracy theorist who believed in aliens, mind control and secret US bases where children are sacrificed to Satan”. They packed everything into the headline. But quote marks. Just in case.

The Telegraph also does the quote marks, even with the killer’s stance: “Germany shooting: 'Far-Right' suspect kills 10 in Hanau 'terror attack’”. Don’t frighten those highly conservative readers. Don’t let them know that not all terrorism comes from Muslims.
If it’s a terror attack - without quote marks - when a Scary Muslim™ fatally stabs two people near London Bridge, or where a group of Scary Muslims™ stab several people near Borough Market, it’s sure as heck a terror attack when a white male with a gun shoots nine dead, injures several more, and then executes his own mother.

Some of us have been warning about far-right terrorism for years, that Anders Behring Breivik was not a one-off, and that those here and elsewhere in Europe stirring up hatred against people who are not white should be kept under far closer watch.

Now we have further proof of that terrorism. And I wish to goodness that we had not.
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Anonymous said...

You can't expect those cunts to tell the truth, Tim.

Because they're FAR RIGHT RACIST cunts.

Starbuck said...

do not be surprised by the Guardian's take.

except for domestic news, ALL UK papers have now adopted a very jingoistic and misinformed take on events outside those blighted isles.
the difference between ragtoids and so-called mainstream news outlets is not of substance but of intensity.

as a continental European, the brexit coverage of the Guardian might not be as stridently chauvinistic and adversarial as, say the DM or Sun or Telegraph, but it's no less propagandising as the Times or BBC.
Daniel Boffey who used to rant against the Tories obsession with the europhobes against the EU, is not ALWAYS the byline for reports that extol british exceptionalism and ridiculously dramatize whatever new turn of that Brexit saga from the EU side. the Guardian's editorship of the EU is purposefully adversarial, sniggering and misrepresenting in a classic "fog in the Channel, Continent cut out" mode.

best regards Tim.
and best of luck for raising funds in your libel case

Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake, Tim..."...even the BBC. And the Guardian..."?

How many more examples are needed before the "even" gets dropped?

Both propagandists are riddled with right wing weasel words.