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Wednesday 12 February 2020

Corbyn Roasts Sniffer Johnson

With Labour’s leadership contest in full swing, there are those who ask what Jeremy Corbyn is still doing at the head of the party, given that he’s going to be replaced in no more than two months’ time. Not least among those asking the question are those out there on the right, already marking down Jezza’s PMQs outings before he even gets to his feet to put his first question to alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.
So confident were those on the right that few of them were expecting the Corbyn haymaker that floored Bozo The Clown today. At first, it looked as if Jezza was merely asking about the deportation of several young black men who came to the UK as children and are being - perhaps - deported to countries like Jamaica as a result of their involvement in crime - including drugs offences. But then came the killer blow.

As the Guardian has told, “Corbyn asked about the case of one offender who came to the UK aged five, who was recruited into a county lines drugs gang and had served time for his drugs offence. The Labour leader said the man had served his time … and had never committed another. He asked: ‘Does the prime minister think that someone who came to this country at the age of five and was the victim of county lines grooming and compelled to carry drugs, released five years ago and never reoffended, deserves to be deported?’
Bozo deployed a straight bat in response. “It is entirely right that foreign national offenders should be deported from this country in accordance with the law”. He was not expecting the follow-up: “If there was a case of a young white boy with blond hair who later dabbled in class A drugs, and conspired with a friend to beat up a journalist, would he deport that boy? Or is it one rule for black boys from the Caribbean and another for white boys from the United States?” White boys like, er, Bozo The Clown. Ouch!

Kevin Maguire of the Mirror observed “Johnson really didn’t like Corbyn asking if a man who arrived in the UK from the US aged 5 then dabbled in class A drugs and conspired to beat up a journalist should be deported back to the US. Too close to home”. So close to home that it was home. So close that Priti Patel stopped smirking.
Meanwhile, the Independent has given an example of just how flimsy the Government’s case can be: “One of those the government intended to deport was Reshawn Davis, 30, who has been in the UK since the age of 11 and has a six-month-old daughter, and was issued removal directions on the basis that he was convicted for robbery 10 years ago under the now-unlawful ‘joint enterprise’ rule - for which he spent two months in prison”.

The Indy added that Corbyn’s “comments [were] coming very close to accusing the PM of racism”. Jezza’s spokesman has confirmed “I think he was quite clearly drawing attention to the prime minister’s record”. And the comparison is perfectly valid: Bozo was born in another country thousands of miles away, and until very recently held citizenship of that country. It is only the IRS’ tax demands that caused him to renounce it.
One thing is for sure - that hurt the Tory leadership. Corbyn highlighted the hypocrisy of their deportation zeal, while at the same time exposing Bozo’s absent moral fibre.

Sniffer Johnson’s past just returned to publicly bite him. Just rejoice at that news.
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Anonymous said...

What worries/saddens me more is how much of the electorate simply won't care and excuse Johnson's behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Jeremy Corbyn shoved that up Bozo's jaxy. Said Bozo ended up with a face like a robber's dog. Patel looked like she'd just been handed her Very Large Arse on a plate.

But JC's PMQs have always been fact based and not part of the usual seedy lying pantomime. Which is why of course the tories and their allies hate him.

It's relatively easy to do this knockabout stuff - especially with the current gang of suited up corrupt barrow boys and girls - but it's a sign of how low this country's culture has sunk that this gets more "coverage" than JC's usual concentration on the reality of far right tory thievery.

At this rate Britain will sink giggling into a sea of toxic waste and poverty.