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Tuesday 4 June 2013

Student Approved Rights Only

Following the brutal killing of an off-duty soldier in Woolwich, there was the inevitable speculation as to whether those now charged with murder were acting alone, or as part of some kind of wider organisation. And, inevitably, there were, out there on the fringe, those whose advanced state of paranoia meant that they were instantly convinced that the whole thing didn’t really happen.
Yes, despite the graphic – some might say horrific – evidence, there just had to be the so-called “False Flag” advocates, and note the use of the plural. Over at Liberal Conspiracy, Sunny Hundal thought long and hard before airing the subject, but put one of the False Flaggers out there, so that readers could see the kind of mindset that drives some observers. There were no howls of condemnation.

But when the London Met University Islamic Society put another video on the same theme up on its Facebook page (apparently not available right now, to no surprise), there was somebody watching and waiting. Step forward the self-appointed Student Rights, a one-and-a-half-man band which has been invited onto campus neither by University authorities, nor student unions.

The presence of the video was immediately redefined as the Society in question making the assertions in the video, rather than just sharing it, and duly dangled as bait before a grateful and frightened Fourth Estate. “EXCLUSIVE: Woolwich atrocity was a state hoax, say university extremists” screamed the Standard. The Islamic Society had “promoted” the video, it was asserted.

And waiting to lift the copy was the Mail, which at least managed a more factually correct headline, with “Sickening video circulated by university Islamic Society claims Lee Rigby murder was a hoax”, although to make up for it, the Dacre attack doggies then claim “Last year border officials also stripped the institution of its right to sponsor non-EU students” without mentioning that the ban was later reversed.

Strangely, though, neither Student Rights, nor any other group, has been howling about Liberal Conspiracy doing anything wrong in mentioning that there are a number of False Flaggers out there. The difference appears to be that the Society in question is an Islamic one. And the clear intention is to cause that Society’s freedom of speech to be constrained, for them to be censored by Student Rights.

So who is behind this group? Its leading light is none other than Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, that participant in organised defamation whose Wikipedia entry, probably created by Himself Personally Now, was deleted as he wasn’t important enough. That tells you all you need to know about the highly susceptible nature of the press right now when anyone mentions Muslims.

The Standard and Mail could do everyone a favour and filter these clowns out.

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organic cheeseboard said...

Mr Kassam is just another noisy acolyte of Douglas Murray. He's previously bemoaned the reluctance of Muslim student organisations to debate Mr 'send all the Muslims back home, Robert Spencer is a fine scholar' Murray, and works for him at the Henry Jackson Society now. Kassam's views are, it seems, pretty extreme, just like his mate Douglas'.

The London Student covered 'Student Rights' here: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1nkge/LondonStudentissue10/resources/index.htm

What's clearest from their activities is that they have zero links to any actual Universities or Student Unions, preferring to 'demand action' from without.