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Thursday 30 December 2010

Tea Party Favourite In Expense Probe

Those who thought that politicians and expenses were a purely UK phenomenon would do well to look at recent developments surrounding one Senate candidate’s campaign finances. And, as that candidate is “Tea Party” favourite Christine O’Donnell, who lost heavily in Delaware, top entertainment is assured.

O’Donnell, who had been wary of all media outlets except for Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), still raised 7.3 million dollars for her Senate run, spending 6.4 million. But what she spent it on is now under investigation: using campaign money to pay personal expenses is outlawed in the US, and that is what O’Donnell is suspected of doing.

What is not yet known is whether her 2010 Senate run is under investigation, or perhaps a previous campaign. But what certainly is known is O’Donnell’s reaction: there is, she has suggested, a conspiracy at work against her. Opponents on both right and left are cited as part of this, as is Veep Joe Biden, and the FBI. All are accused of usingthug tactics”, the same T-word also being a favourite of Fox hosts, who applied it with vigour when pursuing Van Jones.

And even her pals at Fox are reporting the investigation, although the story is kept off the front page of their website. After all, they would much rather you know that Sarah Palin featured last night on the show fronted by professional loudmouth Sean Hannity. During her hour of softball, Sarah talked patriotism, “taking a stand”, plugged her book, and did not mention former protégé O’Donnell.

As I said, fair and balanced my arse.

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