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Wednesday 8 December 2010

Assange – Calls For “Illegal” Execution

While hacks, bloggers and politicians in the UK debate the Assange case in a generally reasoned manner, it is perhaps worth checking out some of the rather less restrained rhetoric coming out of the US. And there is no more deserving home of the unrestrained than Fox Business Network, sister outlet of our old friends at Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse)

This video, from a round table on Monday’s Fox Business Follow The Money, is not a hoax: rather, it is typical not only of the channel’s output at present, but also of right leaning opinion in the States.

In this segment, Julian Assange is described as a “traitor”, a “blackmailer”, an “extortionist”, and of course is characterised as “anti-American”. One of the panel tells that he is not in favour of the death penalty, then neatly manages to carry on and urge that US special forces be employed to illegally kill “the SOB”.

For good measure, Kim Jong-Il, leader of North Korea, is described as a “psycho pimp” among other less than complimentary remarks. And the concept of “cutting the head off the snake” gets an airing, which explains why, with Assange in jail, the leaks keep on coming. Or maybe not.

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