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Monday 6 December 2010

Been Checking The Forecast?

Yet again, a temporary change in the weather is forecast: the Met Office site’s pressure chart for T+84 shows it clearly. But no days of national rejoicing should yet be scheduled.

The “blocking” high pressure over Greenland has split and yielded to a weather system coming out of the north eastern US across the Atlantic. This is set to bring milder conditions, which will cheer those of us in the lower lying parts of the north west, where there has not been much snow and therefore little extra load on the drainage system when the thaw comes.

That will not be the case for the north east, as the snow dropped there first and heaviest. Any significant rise in temperature, especially if coupled with a period of heavy rain, will set the melt water running into the rivers, with the certainty of flooding to come. Anyone living or working in York will be familiar with the effect.

In any case, the milder spell might not last long: the Met Office is not putting too optimistic a slant on the forecast for the rest of the month. Ho hum.

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