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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Sarah’s Media Law In Haiti

Nothing, but nothing about Sarah Palin should surprise anyone, not even a flying visit to Haiti last weekend. Very few ordinary Haitians will have known, or been concerned, about the Palin trip, especially as almost all media outlets were shut out for most of the time.

Palin was visiting a humanitarian organisation called Samaritan’s Purse, led by Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy. In tow were husband Todd, newly famous daughter Bristol, and Greta van Susteren, weekday 10pm host for Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

The only time that Palin was on view to media players other than Fox was for a five minute “news conference” where she spoke, but declined to take questions, because “we don’t need to be getting political here today”. But the politics of the situation in Haiti are more important than flying visits by US Presidential wannabes.

Haiti is still in a terrible state after the earthquake was followed by hurricanes and now a rampant cholera epidemic. Results of recent elections have become mired in accusations of corruption. The last thing the country needs is to be used for photo opportunities by the likes of Sarah Palin.

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