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Tuesday 30 November 2010

Pot Meets Kettle In Dacreland

This blog does not call Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre “legendarily foul mouthed” without reason: Nick Davies notes in Flat Earth News that Dacre is known among his staff as “the vagina monologue” due to his frequent deployment of a particular characterisation, often uttered two or more times in a sentence.

So it was all the more surprising to see that the lead story on the Mail’s website this morning (correct at 1130 hours) is finding adversely upon the behaviour of Andrew, Duke Of York, who indulged in a “four-letter tirade” and an “expletive-laden rant” at a business brunch in Kyrgyzstan.

Moreover, the Mail tells that Andrew was “cocky” and “rude”, asserted that France was riddled with corruption, and claimed that the US don’t understand geography.

So that differs from Paul Dacre at a Daily Mail editorial conference how, exactly?

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