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Friday 19 November 2010

Addressing The Derby Result

Rising from the years of redevelopment, Liverpool One is the city’s newest and largest shopping “destination”. Next door to the existing pedestrianised shopping area, close to the “Cavern Quarter” (minus the Cavern), and a short walk from the waterfront and the Three Graces, the dedicated shopper could spend a whole day there – and, no doubt, plenty of money.

So what can you buy? Every well known store is represented. There are celebrity guests, book signings, commemorative events, cafes, restaurants, a park complete with “leisure terrace”, and even an IMAX cinema. As Christmas approaches, there is lots of late night opening too.

But what about the ordinary bloke, maybe someone who supports a local football team? No problem: the Blue half of Liverpool is well served by Everton Two, the club’s 6,000 square foot “flagship store”. But why the name? Is it because there is another store elsewhere in the city?

Well, no. Someone on the Blue team has clearly retained their sense of humour, as will be revealed when the postal address of the store is considered: Everton Two, Liverpool One.

Now there’s a result.

1 comment:

James1878 said...

"But why the name? Is it because there is another store elsewhere in the city?"

Well since you ask, yes there is. It's the only way the "Everton Two, Liverpool One" joke works. The club shop outside the stadium, which existed before Liverpool One was built, is still there. It used to be called "The Everton Megastore". It couldn't be "the" megastore after it became the smaller of two, so it's now "Everton One".

Of course Liverpool failed to live up to the joke in the last derby. We did our part by scoring the two goals, but they failed to get theirs. Maybe next year ;)