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Tuesday 30 November 2010

And Still The Birthers Come

It’s an established theme, but this time there was a new twist: another lawsuit alleging that Barack Obama does not meet the criteria laid down in the US Constitution to stand for the Presidency has been thrown out. The new angle is that this case doesn’t involve the increasingly tiresome Orly Taitz, and a new interpretation of that Constitution was attempted.

The lawyer acting for Charles Kerchner Jr started with the usual argument, that Obama did not meet the requirement of “natural born citizen”. But he then argued that what the Constitution really meant was also that both of Obama’s parents had to be US citizens. That’s not what the wording says, and the Supreme Court was duly unimpressed.

The case was thrown out without a response being sought from the Government, which means it was not considered to be even slightly serious. Perhaps the message will start to get through: Obama is a US citizen by birth, has resided in the USA for over fourteen years, and was over 35 years of age when he stood for the Presidency.

Therefore he meets the criteria, and is a legitimate President. End of.

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