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Tuesday 2 November 2010

Barcelona: Dogs

One feature your accommodation is most unlikely to have in Barcelona – and that goes for the well off too – is a garden. The nearest that you will get is a balcony, and for the less well off – for which read the overwhelming majority – that space will have to double as drying area for laundry, cycle storage, and occasional extension to the living quarters.

So it might surprise some to see the number of the city’s residents who have dogs. And some of those dogs are of a non-trivial size, or more than one in number, or both. How do they get exercised? Where do they, well, “go”? Fortunately, there are also a number of parks and other open spaces around the city, where owners can be seen walking their canine friends.

Some of those parks – the Industrial Park by Sants station is one – display notices warning pet owners not to allow fouling. But stuff, as they say, happens. No doubt there is much use of the scoop, and those large waste containers dotted around the place are, well, convenient repositories.

That’s enough poo analogy for now.

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