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Thursday 18 November 2010

Murdoch Is Served (25)

It’s in today’s Independent, and also the Guardian. But it’s nowhere to be seen in the Maily Telegraph or Daily Mail. Because there are still some in the Fourth Estate that adhere to the rule that “dog doesn’t eat dog”: there has been another development in the long running saga of Phonehackgate.

The Guardian piece is the one to watch, having being written by Nick Davies, who has been on the case of the Screws and its less than principled journalistic style from the start. Davies describes the scene in court yesterday when Glenn Mulcaire, the private investigator who was jailed for his part in voicemail interception, tried to stop any questioning which might incriminate him.

Unfortunately for Mulcaire, he did not convince Mr Justice Mann, who ruled that he must answer questions about who instructed him to hack into the mobiles of publicist Max Clifford and his PA Nicola Phillips. Moreover, the Met has been instructed to disclose information it has been keeping under wraps since it raided Mulcaire’s home back in 2005.

In that list of questions that Mulcaire has been told he must answer is at least one that names the Screws’ then news editor Ian Edmondson. The thought occurs that the questioning is getting ever closer to Young Dave’s chief spinmeister Andy Coulson – and to the rest of the Murdoch “family”.

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