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Friday 12 November 2010

After The Storm – 2

As the ruckus over the student protests in London earlier this week dies down, there are two loose ends. The second I’ll leave to the end. The first, which has been troubling me more or less since the trashing of 30 Millbank ended, comes first.

Even though the Metropolitan Police has admitted that they called this one wrongly, and allocated around 225 officers – and none of them in other than normal garb – to the demonstration, the status of Tory HQ mystifies me. The Houses of Parliament, as always, were already well protected. Also, the Lib Dems, as junior partners in the Coalition, had their HQ protected.

Moreover, the Lib Dem HQ is in Cowley Street, which although just back from Millbank, is tucked away and not visible from the march route. So the police had, in that case, made doubly sure. But the Tory HQ, which certainly was visible from the march route – because it was on it – had no police protection. None whatsoever.

This does not make sense: the route to be marched was discussed and approved – by the Met – well in advance. The existence of Tory HQ inside 30 Millbank was also, no doubt, also known to them. So why, especially as it became clear that the march was so heavily supported, did the Met not act to protect it?

It’s a question that, thus far, remains unanswered. Another question that has been answered previously, but that some of those involved are unable or unwilling to take on board, is the influence limit of the blogosphere. The aftermath of the student protest underscored that limit, as the MSM declined to run with a story whose shelf life had expired.

Still trying to prove that he can influence events without MSM assistance, Paul Staines (aka Guido Fawkes) is still calling for NUS head Aaron Porter to go. Yesterday, he cited a Commons debate in support of his claim, but then devalued his currency by highlighting the contribution of Nadine Dorries, who has confessed that her blog is of limited veracity.

Staines’ tame gofer Henry Cole (aka Tory Bear) is also in pursuit of Porter, and is having a similar level of success. Cole tells Porter to “Man Up”, which may sound familiar to observers of US politics: it was a favourite saying of “Tea Party” candidate Sharron Angle in her battle for Harry Reid’s senate seat. Angle lost.

And finally, former stalwart of the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance Mark Wallace, by complete coincidence, is also after Porter. Wal’s appeal to authority is that he was once a student. Aye, Wal, but just the once, mind.

What these three do not seem to get is that Aaron Porter is still in place, nobody of any consequence is listening, and they are going nowhere.

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