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Tuesday 9 November 2010

Not Just Barking Beck

This week, all will be revealed. But all of what? Well, that would be telling. And the kind of folks to whom this proposition is being made generally do not ask questions, because the revealer in question is the increasingly wayward Glenn Beck, “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

With his television show, Beck is doing what he does most effectively: frighten the audience, spin ridiculous conspiracy theories, accuse “the left” (Which is who? Er, don’t ask) of preparing for violence, while all the time telling of the approaching crisis. Yesterday, he surpassed himself.

Beck seems to have forgotten Byron Williams, now safely locked away after his disagreement with the police on Interstate 580, but he has remembered the Tides Foundation, who he is now accusing of being part of the coming storm, whatever that may be.

Also, he dismisses any opposition to his views by asserting that the part of the blogosphere opposed to him has been “bought” by people like George Soros, who Beck considers part of “the left” despite Soros’ part in the ending of communism across Eastern Europe, and particularly in his native Hungary.

But mere facts just get in the way when Glenn Beck is away and ranting. In this video you can see just how utterly unhinged he is: think twice before dismissing him as a nutter – this particular quack doctor pulls in a nightly audience of 2.7 million, many of whom hang on his every word.

Including some in the UK, which is a truly scary thought.

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