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Sunday 14 March 2010

Too Much Blarney – 6

So, while I might not find the prospectus of the Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF) even remotely appealing, the question remains: what do those young people taking up training opportunities with them get out of it? Moreover, what’s in it for those – whoever they are – who bankroll the organisation? To get a handle on these questions, we need to have another browse around the YBF website.

The YBF claims to be “non partisan”, but equally admits that it “promotes conservatism” (an interesting circle to square). This, it tells, counters the left wing bias of, well, almost everything, and especially the education system and media. The YBF gives young people “the chance to hear alternative viewpoints presented by conservative speakers”.

So far, so unthreatening, but reading a little further brings this snippet: “YBF ... places philosophically sound conservative (sic) in full-time jobs and work experience in the City, the professions, business, the media, academia, and politics”.

Have a re-read and a long think about that.

Now consider what the response of many parts of the print media would be if this were a left leaning organisation, training philosophically sound socialists and placing them into a range of business opportunities.

The response would include a range of pejorative terms, not least “indoctrination”, maybe even “brainwashing”, certainly “infiltration” and perhaps even “entryism”. We know this because we have been there before. Left wing bias in the media? Don’t make me laugh.

But, when all is said and done, the YBF and its chief executive Donal Blaney are merely one of a number of organisations across the political spectrum, free to make their pitch and define the world as they see it. Freedom of expression, and of activity, is for the UK a universal thing.

So Donal Blaney wouldn’t want to curtail that freedom of expression, would he?

Stay tuned.

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