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Monday 15 March 2010

The Cam And Sam Show

As I noted some time ago, the Guardian, contrary to the witterings from some out there on the right, is nobody’s house journal. Reinforcing this point, just inside the front cover of of Saturday’s main paper was a whole page dedicated to the ITV special interview of Young Dave by Trevor Macdonald, together with a large photo of wife Samantha.

And one rumour was thoroughly squashed when preview clips from the ITV show were aired: SamCam, as she is now being styled by the tabloid press, does not sound especially posh, whatever her family wealth. However, whether she can eclipse Sarah Brown, with her million plus Twitter followers, remains to be seen.

So how did the show play? Well, not to so many viewers, unfortunately: with the competition of Match Of The Day 2 over on BBC2, only 1.7 million watched Young Dave on ITV. This is less than half the number – 4.2 million – who saw Pa Broon in conversation with Piers “Morgan” Moron.

[Note: Sarah Brown’s Twitter followers now number more than 1.1 million]

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