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Wednesday 17 March 2010

It Was Just One Year Ago Today

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? Zelo Street was started on this very day just a year ago. Although much in the world has moved on, the issue that provoked the very first post – Network Rail’s potty idea to move Crewe station out of town, just to give them a nice little earner – has not completely gone away, and continued vigilance is the order of the day.

Elsewhere, the world of politics is in many ways no further on, although we’ll have to have a General Election soon, so there is plenty of spectator sport in the offing. The blog will get stuck in to all that, and hopefully there will be posting from more locations across Europe, to add to Vienna, Amsterdam and Lisbon from last year.

The only thing left to say is, well, happy birthday to myself personally now [apologies to Steve Bell].


John B said...

I did wonder what KO'd the move from uk.r to Blogspot... congratulations on a year, and hoping for many more.

It'd be interesting to see whether NR has another go under the new government at Crewe extortion, esp if the local MP reverts to Labour under a Stupid Party government whilst NR has its grant cut (all 3 things being likelier than not per se, although not together)

Tim Fenton said...

John, Good to see you here. Thanks for looking in!