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Sunday 21 March 2010

Health Of The Nation – 2

The crucial vote on health care reform approaches, and the Democrats are letting it be known that they “have the votes”. Quoting Abraham Lincoln, Barack Obama has been rallying his troops, but the ugly side of the so-called Tea Party protests has seen a number of congressmen subjected to homophobic and racial abuse.

Those in the UK who might not have understood the concept of being “uninsured”, meanwhile, were given a brief insight into the consequences of losing insurance cover when a news bulletin showed a conversation between a pharmacist and a customer who was no longer covered. The cost of one prescription would now have to be paid in full.

The amount? Just 460 dollars, or in UK money, around 300 quid. Just think on when you stump up seven pounds an item. And don’t forget that, in the UK, we spend a lot less on health care than the USA, and get better outcomes. That is what it’s all about.

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