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Sunday 14 March 2010

Murdoch Is Served (13)

Recently, I considered the kind of stories that could come to life and thereby make a difference to the upcoming General Election campaign. And right on cue, late last week, came yet another development in the saga that is Phonehackgate.

MP Tom Watson, a man not renowned for any closeness to Rupe and Junior, has used Parliamentary Privilege to raise the possibility that the relationship between the Metropolitan Police and the Murdoch Screws might have been a little too close.

For her part, Solicitor General Vera Baird has confirmed that the issue will be examined, and in her reply to Watson, said “It is an issue well raised”. And the timing of Watson’s intervention will keep the affair nice and warm as the campaigning starts in earnest.

What Rupe and his troops (and Young Dave) will have to hope is that it doesn’t boil over and make a nasty mess all over them.

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