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Saturday 13 March 2010

The Republican Wrong – Christ In The Crosshairs

Religion is big business in the USA, and rather bigger than here in the UK. The idea that anyone running for elective office should demonstrate their allegiance to a (preferably Christian) church would not enter in British politics. Over in the States, it’s second nature. And those in the broadcast media also proclaim their status as God fearing citizens.

One of those so proclaiming is our old friend Glenn Beck, increasingly eccentric “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), who is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints, aka The Mormons. But Beck is also hot on the trail of all those liberals and “progressives” at whose door he lays the blame for all evils besetting the USA – past, present, and future.

So it was disappointing, but not surprising, when Beck recently went after all churches who place any emphasis on “social justice”. This phrase, he told, was a “code” used by Nazis and Communists, two creeds that for Beck are interchangeable. Anyone discovering this, Beck decreed, should leave that church if it would not “reconsider” the emphasis on “social justice”.

The Reverend Jim Wallis has taken issue with Beck, saying that his claims are not only false, but at odds with the teaching of Jesus Christ. Rev. Wallis appeared on MSNBC’s Countdown last week, discussing the issue with guest host Lawrence O’Donnell, revealing that leaders of the Mormon church have called him to apologise for Beck’s outburst. He hopes that Beck will call him too.

However, I suspect that Rev. Wallis may be in for a long wait.

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