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Friday 19 March 2010

Not Fair!

Just in case you didn’t know that Rupe’s troops over at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun were rooting for Young Dave and his jolly clever chaps, a scan of today’s online content will put you straight.

Today’s tracker poll result shows the Tory lead, which had briefly risen to 5%, falling back to 4%. No matter; the photo is still of Young Dave, and the comment lets us know that “There is grim reading for Gordon Brown today”. Given that Labour have hardly started the serious campaigning yet, Big Al and Baron Mandelson of Indeterminate Guacamole must be hoping it gets grimmer still.

Meanwhile, Rupe’s finest, perhaps mindful that the strapline “It’s the Sun wot lost it” might not shift too many sales, have decided to put the boot into the Beeb (which it has to call “state owned”, because Murdoch Junior says so), in an attempt to further the Murdoch agenda, and give them a get out clause just in case their blatant cheerleading for the Tories backfires.

The article, unsubtly titled Blatantly Biased against Conservatives (geddit?!?), whinges about the amount of coverage that the BBC have given the Ashcroft affair, while apparently failing to realise that sister Murdoch title The Times is today carrying a headline cartoon depicting a less than flattering caricature of that same Tory peer with William ‘Ague.

The attack is somewhat undermined by the Sun choosing as its leading talking head the increasingly eccentric Douglas Carswell, best pal of Dan, Dan The Oratory Man, who declares that “The BBC is in the hands of a left-wing elite”, otherwise code for “they don’t believe the world is as flat as I do”.

The Sun’s clinching argument, or if you prefer, its most blatant act of barrel scraping, is that a recent Basil Brush Show had a nasty politician called Dave who had a blue rosette. Quite so: here in Crewe and Nantwich we have a candidate called Dave and he has a red rosette, so the Beeb is clearly bang to rights.

Boom boom Mister Rupert!!!

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