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Friday 12 March 2010

Another Cautionary Tale

Following my less than happy experience last September, when I was relieved of the instrument I call my LumpCam (tm) and then, worse, nobody wanted to do anything about it, another problem has occurred with photographic equipment. The LumpCam (tm), so named as I replaced the stolen one with another of the same kind, has decided not to retain its memory card. This makes saving images a tad difficult.

So earlier this week, spurred on by the award of another Fotopic Front Page, I have tried to get the thing repaired. And this, surprising as it may seem in this age of supposedly half decent customer service, has not been a particularly rewarding experience.

First off, the manufacturer’s representative on earth did not want to return my call, which is elementary bad manners. When called again, there was little enthusiasm, except to suggest that I post the camera to them, or alternatively stop by at a well known camera chain that has a branch in Crewe: they would do that for me, or so I was told.

No they wouldn’t. Apart from confirming what I already knew, they too couldn’t really be bothered. Given that the shop was otherwise bereft of customers, and that there were at least three bods behind the counter, one might think they would be keen to show willing – who knows, that might even generate future sales and recommendations.

So, having generated a storm of apathy from two go-getting private sector organisations, I fetched up at Crewe Post Office this afternoon, with my LumpCam (tm) boxed and labelled ready for posting, and quite prepared for the Royal Mail to make it three yawns in a row. Oh ye of little faith!

The helpful person at the Post Office counter advised a range of parcel post tariffs, explained the benefits of using Special Delivery, did all the admin, let me pay by debit card, and did all of this with a positive attitude and a smile.

There’s a lesson there somewhere.

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