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Tuesday 9 March 2010

Too Much Blarney – 2

Last Sunday, the vain and boorish Donal Blaney, chief executive of the Young Britons’ Foundation (YBF), tweetedSorry to disappoint my enemies: returning online shortly”. Two days on, his blog is still hidden away, and now his former allies in the Tory Party look to be cutting him loose.

Of the three blogs that Blaney promoted in the video where he also smeared Ken Livingstone as a “Communist” – linked in the item I posted yesterday – only ConservativeHome has even mentioned the original Guardian story about the YBF. None of them – the other two were Iain Dale’s Diary and Paul Staines’ Guido Fawkes blog – have said a word about Blaney since.

And there may be a hint for the YBF’s head man in that silence: the General Election is looming closer, the Tories’ poll lead has faltered, the Ashcroft business has made their opposition believe that a Tory victory is no longer inevitable, and the last thing Young Dave and Fat Eric need is association with another wingnut.

So it looks like Blaney is being told to shut it – and, at least for now, leave the stage. And that brings us back to the Blaney Twitter feed, in an item sent at 1352 hours on Sunday last: “You learn who your friends are when you are under attack – and who looks the other way”.

Well, Donal, they’re all looking the other way. Learnt anything yet?

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