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Friday 20 August 2021

Mike Yeadon - Down The Rabbit Hole

With the continuing Covid-19 pandemic has come the continuing attack on vaccines: as FullFact has concluded this week, “Conservative Woman article falsely claims vaccines don’t work”. The increasingly desperate right-wing site had claimed “The Covid-19 virus is not spread asymptomatically. Only sick people give it to other people”. Not true.

Mike Yeadon

But that is on the mild side compared to the latest ramblings from Mike Yeadon, who had been lionised as an “expert” by broadcasters like Murdoch noise floor occupant TalkRADIO, only to be awarded the coveted Pants On Fire award from PolitiFact for his claim “The coronavirus pandemic is ‘effectively over’ in the United Kingdom and ‘there is absolutely no need for vaccines’”. Zelo Street then nailed him as a sick Muslim hater.

But still Yeadon returns, like a Covid denialist bad penny, with an interview-cum-rant that puts his previous utterances in the shade, and the people at Reuters telling “Some of Michael Yeadon’s ex-colleagues at Pfizer say they no longer recognize the man they once knew - after he transformed from a mainstream scientist to a COVID-19 vaccine skeptic”.

One former colleague, who “overlapped with … Yeadon at Pfizer for about two years and sometimes had coffee with him”, concludedThis does not sound like the guy I knew 20 years ago”. A group of his former Pfizer colleagues told him in a private letterWe are very worried that you are putting people’s health at risk”. So what’s he been saying?

I think the whole point of the pandemic, and the lies, and the vaccines, was to get you to electronic digital ID. Once that system’s up and running, and we’ve already been told about ‘variants’, which are a lie, you might have to have booster shots, they said. I know you don’t need booster shots. I’m terrified of booster shots”. And why is he terrified?

Because they’re not vaccines. What if … what’s in those vaccines, the third one and the fourth one and the fifth one, is a gene sequence designed to kill you? I don’t know, it’s not my crime. But if I wanted to set up a system where I could have complete control and with plausible deniability, administered over months to years, to billions of people something that would injure them, and kill them, I couldn’t think of a better plot than this one”.

He wasn’t finished. “There’s actually not much to be frightened of virus-wise. The thing to be terrified of is your Government. Don’t be frightened of the virus, it’s pretty much gone now, but be terrified of your Government. You must take back your freedoms with no more ado … they’re not going to give it back to you, because they’ve not taken it from you legitimately. There was never any need to lock you down, it doesn’t work”. Do go on.

They made you wear masks that are frightening. They’ve told you wrong things about the severity of the virus, deprived you of effective medical treatment and then exposed you to dangerous vaccines”. Woah! That is off the scale conspiracy wacko. And remember, he was endorsed by the loathsome Toby Young, James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, and self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda.

Now Mike Yeadon has finally vanished down the rabbit hole, will any of those less than totally august individuals concede they messed up? As if. No change there, then.

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J said...

If anything they will probably double down in promoting him... the thing I don't get though is that they are killing the very people they want to vote for the tories.

People of low intelligence (just like the Murdercock presenters, and that faux posh voiced woman who runs the alt-reich con-women) who will fall for it, refuse vaccines and shun infection reduction measures... so end up crying on their death bed saying "why can't I have the vaccine... this isn't happening" just before they get intubated and end up kicking the bucket (which is funny as fuck now, no sympathy at-fcuking-all - it was their choice to die like some 18C pleb. The only people I feel sorry for is others you may have killed by your stupidity!)

Also what is it with the anti-vax and pro-covid lot putting a pink anus on their twitter profiles... what the feck is that all about?

Anonymous said...

If "...there is no need for vaccines..." doubtless Yeadon will volunteer for injection of the virus. Just to prove his point.

The crackpot meff.

Mr Larrington said...

I have just read that hairless prat Richard Fairbrass of Right Said Fred fame has refused the vaccine in spite of having been hospitalised with Coronalurgi. Some people are beyond the scope of the Reëducation Camp network which will be set up the day after I lead the Panzers down Whitehall.

Anonymous said...

These gamekeeper turned poacher berks keep turning up.

I think they've seen the financial success of people like Sargon of Akkad and Jordan Peterson.
The money from a couple of shitposts a week and the RWNJ lecture circuit makes that Professor or Double Glazing salesman salary look like peanuts.

Many ask: "Who wouldn't misrepresent the truth for that sort of money".

People with morals, professionalism and consideration for their fellow humans.
That's who.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to think of twats like Fairbrass as the 'control group'.

Anonymous said...

Surely it is those who have been vaccinated and are therefore safe that should be injected with the virus, if only to convince others?

Sam said...

A reminder that the Fox News / News Corp empire is run by Lachlan Murdoch from a high tech media "bunker" (described by someone as something out of a James Bond movie) in a Sydney mansion after moving his family back to safety in Australia during the current pandemic.

Anonymous said...


Er, no.

No vaccine claims to be a complete safeguard for every recipient. Only that it reduces the likelihood of infection.

0/10. Must try harder. Must pay more attention in class.