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Sunday 8 August 2021

Murdoch Host Bullies Teenager

Social media platforms enable us to talk directly to a potentially huge audience, to inform and be informed in the blinking of an eye. Sadly, they also allow mere disagreement to degenerate into pile-one and hatred, and enable bad faith actors to bully their targets for shits and giggles. Those who have taken the Murdoch shilling are the baddest.

Mike Graham. Claims to be a human being

So when a clinically vulnerable 13-year-old called Zach made a video for Independent SAGE, and told of his worry that becoming infected with Covid-19 could prove fatal for him, because he has asthma, it was sadly predictable that he would be targeted by a motley convocation of denialists, anti-Vaxxers, other sundry wackos, and the media.

Independent SAGE told “We are appalled that he has become the target of online attacks. We will take every step necessary to protect him, including reporting these accounts to Twitter & the Police. Young people must be able to have a voice without being exposed to bullying, hate speech and harassment”. The Tweeter known as Psyber Attack had more.

But organised abuse and pile-ons do not just happen: they need the amplification of better-known accounts. So who might have been targeting Zach? The Tweeter called Seeds We Sow knew. “This vulnerable child was repeatedly targeted by Mike Graham [of] TalkRADIO which in large part led to the abuse this 13yr old boy received. There is no possible justification or excuse for this morally corrupt behaviour.” Indeed there is not.

So what had dribbling bigot Mike Graham, the Mr Blobby of TalkRADIO, been up to? Well, just to kick off, he responded to Independent SAGE’s Tweet “13 year old [Zach] tells #IndependentSAGE about his mental health struggles brought on by the lack of safety from coronavirus in schools … ‘I feel nothing but despair’” with “Possibly the most disgusting thing these #SAGE scumbags have ever produced. Sack them all!

Tolerant soul, isn’t he? After one Tweeter responded to viewing the video by commenting “I was moved to tears by this earlier. What an articulate young man. I feel sure that he reflects the feelings of so many who cannot understand the logic of exposing all children in this way. He put it very clearly. RT this video so as many see it as possible including politicians”, he sneered “Disgraceful. Pathetic. Manipulation. You should be ashamed”.

Then came the personal targeting. “Hey Zach. We share the same surname. Why did you decide to open a twitter account when you were 4 years old? That’s a pretty good story, can we do it [on TalkRADIO] next week please?” It got worse. “Zach’s parents should be arrested for child neglect. Who are they? I’d like to speak to them [on TalkRADIO]”.

As midnight last night approached - which I’m sure is entirely coincidental - Graham upped the ante. “Hey Zach. Ask your parents if you’re allowed out. If not then please get in touch with social services … Zach thinks he ‘speaks for millions’. Really? How sad”. Maybe not as sad as Mike Graham whipping up hatred towards a vulnerable teenager.

But, as the song went, will anything happen? And, as this is the Murdoch empire, you know the answer. Graham won’t get sacked for his midnight tirade. He most likely won’t even be reprimanded. He’s more likely to be thrown another biscuit and given a raise.

Mike Graham is a disgrace, an amateur human being. So ideal Murdoch material, then.

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Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Mike Graham is a deranged hog.

What An Alt-Dorf said...

Did TalkRADIO run an advert 'Wanted - Fat oaf to lord it about like Albrecht Gessler.'?

AndyC said...

What a thoroughly worthless piece of work that hack is. Surely there's a spare mike waiting for him at GBNews, should TalkRadio ever grow a moral spine and sack him.

Anonymous said...

What a sordid, cowardly creep.

A perfect fit for corporate media.

Mr Larrington said...

Has Graham ever been seen in the same room as Mark “Penfold's stunt double” Fran├žois?

Anonymous said...

Inflatable Ronald Lacy at it again. Child abuse this time. Whatever next?

James said...

The thing about these talk radio creeps is that they increasingly make me think of the Walking Dead TV series. How there are occasions when the protagonists come across opponents who have lost all shred of humanity and when it is clear the person is a menace the protagonists will surprisingly, initiate the fight.

SteveHolmes11 said...

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.

That's Mike Graham, that is.