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Thursday 19 August 2021

Prince Andrew? Blame Haz And Megs

The Royal Family is facing yet another potential Annus Horribilis after what were mere accusations against Prince Andrew escalated into a lawsuit. As the BBC reported last weekend, “Virginia Roberts Giuffre, an alleged victim of super-rich sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, has begun a civil legal action against the Duke of York, Prince Andrew”.

No comment

Do go on. “In court papers she claims the duke abused her three times - at Ghislaine Maxwell's London home, at Epstein's Manhattan home and at the financier's private Caribbean retreat in the US Virgin Islands, claims which he has consistently denied”. No sweat, eh Andy? But why now? “In 2019, New York State changed its law to allow alleged survivors of historical abuse to seek redress many years after an incident”.

He claims he never met her. But the two were snapped together, with Ghislaine Maxwell looking on approvingly. So with Andrew joining Her Maj at Balmoral recently, the stage was set for our free and fearless press to have a field day. The Daily Beast disagreed: “British media organizations hoping to snap a picture of a disgraced Prince Andrew holidaying at his mother’s private Scottish residence have been warned off by Queen Elizabeth”.

Warned off how, exactly? “Lawyers acting for Queen Elizabeth wrote to major British newspapers warning them against taking or publishing pictures of the royals at Balmoral the same day that Prince Andrew arrived there”. So no snaps, and the very strong hint that The Firm would prefer the assembled hacks and pundits to look somewhere else.

What to do? Ah well. Following the developing débâcle in Afghanistan, that problem was soon solved. The Archewell Foundation - that’s the Sussexes - duly put out this statement: “we hope to do what we can to meet the moment by offering support to the military community and the troops who served in Afghanistan, as well as to the Afghan people facing violence and terror. We are also supporting the emergency response in Haiti”.

A number of links were included for those charitably inclined. Harry, as a former soldier whose service included the Afghan campaign, would have been expected to say something about what was going on in the country. And his wife would, in turn, have been expected to have said something about the earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath.

But the press pack was already sharpening its cudgels, and then, as the Guardian has reported, when news came that “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex believe the royal family did not take accountability for the concerns raised in their Oprah Winfrey interview, an unauthorised biography of the couple has claimed”, all hell duly broke loose.

Our fault again, is it? Whatever

Andrew? Andrew who? It was Haz and Megs Wot Done It! “Sulking Sussexes” thundered the Daily Mail. The ratings wannabes at Gammon Broadcasting™ News (“Bacon’s News Channel”), with former Brexit Party Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage in the vanguard, denounced the Sussexes. So did self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Dooda. So did anyone who claims to be a “Royal Reporter”.

And so it was that Prince Andrew’s allegedly seriously wayward behaviour, and the failings of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, were miraculously absolved.

Why call out the press for its uselessness? They do the job so much better themselves.

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Sam said...

Andrew didn't say he'd never met the claimant, rather he couldn't recall meeting her.
As for US civil court claims (unenforceable in a UK court)the Goldman family were awarded #60M when they won a civil claim for murder against O.J.Simpson, 21 years ago. They've never received a penny.

Jonathan said...

Unfortunately, the standard dead cat for Randy Andy has run out of steam.

Randy Andy is in very deep legal trouble, there is way too much evidence for the Palace to dismiss, the infamous photo, flight logs and other victims and witnesses that are prepared to provide sworn evidence that they saw Randy Andy with Virginia and that they too were sexually abused by him, via his Spitting Image puppet!

Andy also dropped himself right in the doo doo via his legendary car crash Newsmight interview claiming he would cooperate with law enforcement agencies& something two years later he has failed to do despite several attempts.

As Andrew is a UK citizen, he has to be served with the civil indictment in person under the Hague Convention rules, hence why Brenda sensing danger that a member of the press might secretly slap the indicmemt in front of the world's media, going viral within seconds.

The RW goon squad doing hatchet jobs on Haz & Megs, know that their boy is in serious trouble and the stonewalling by the Palace is a disastrous strategy, likely to end up with either a major embarrassing disclosures from his pal Ghislaine when her trial starts in November or an even more embarrassing settlement.

What's worse is the British government and the Met Police's role in protecting Andrew from accountability and justice.

The evidence is there, Andrew can either cooperate or not, either way he's finished as a public Royal or he along with the Palace continue to be unco-operative and watch as the Royal Family bece unpopular and destroy themselves.

Jonathan said...

I don't think Virginia's civil lawsuit is motivated by money. But the current strategy of the Royal Family is disastrous.

The reputional damage to Andrew & the Royal Family is enormous and will only grow the longer they bury their heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the lot of them.

Sam said...

No idea of the truth in any of this but claiming it's not about money is pushing it a bit.
The claimants are asking for $Millions from Epstein's estate. Always amazed when people quote newspaper claims about alleged evidence. Not wise.