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Thursday 5 August 2021

Carole Malone - The Acme Of Stupidity

Brexit. Some people find it difficult to talk about. Others find it difficult to accept. And one uniquely clueless pundit finds it difficult to understand: step forward Carole Malone, occasional fixture of small-audience TV, and pundit for hire to parts of our free and fearless press that didn’t see her coming. Ms Malone cannot understand why the EU is now applying visa charges to visitors from the UK, and doesn’t care who knows it.

Her latest appearance on the Channel 5 show hosted by Jeremy Vine included discussion of those visa charges, which, as the UK is now a Third Country and no longer a part of the EU, means its citizens will have to pony up a fee of €7 per person. That the ensuing discussion would not be in the intellectually taxing category was clear when Vine took his cue from an article in the Daily Brexit, sometimes still called the Express.

The headline howled “Britons charged to enter EU ‘in revenge for Brexit’”, with the quote marks performing heavy lifting way beyond the structural capacity of the supporting material. It was explained to Ms Malone that the rules were the same for all Third Countries, that this did not apply just to the UK. But this proved hard for her to grasp.

Why do they need to do it now, when they didn’t do it before? Why is it necessary to impose a £6 charge?” Two things here. One, it’s being done now because the UK left the EU. And Two, the EU is a rules based organisation, and those are the rules when it comes to visitors from outside the Union. Rules the UK helped to make in the first place.

Sadly, Ms Malone was not listening, having already concluded that it was the rotten EU Wot Done It. “This is spite and divisiveness on the part of the EU. And it’s a very odd move, considering that a lot of countries within the EU are very dependent on UK traffic for holidays”. I think she means tourism. But it was still the EU at fault for the UK’s Brexit.

It also reaffirms in a lot of peoples’ minds that they were quite right to leave this controlling organisation”. But she did approve of former Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage’s idea that “we shouldn’t introduce the same charges to Europeans because we’re an open country”. This is total horseshit, and on more than one count.

The “controlling organisation”, to quote Ms Malone’s happy phrase, is, as I’ve already noted, merely applying its own rules. She wouldn’t try that smear on the USA, which also levies visa charges on international visitors, and nor would she quibble about paying them. Also, she seems to have forgotten that her own paper - the Express - was all in favour of visa charges back in May. Providing it was the UK that was doing it to EU citizens.

Priti Patel's new border system charging EU citizens wanting to visit could bring in £300m … THE HOME Office is now considering charging EU citizens who want to visit the UK” cheered the headline. Clearly when their hero Ms Patel was doing it, it was just fine, as the piece continued in triumphant mood “The Home Office has said the new scheme is being planned to stop criminals from other nations from arriving in the UK”. Boo EU crims!

Many countries in the EU are dependent on tourism. But that tourism does not necessarily have to come from the UK. Once again, Ms Malone and her fellow Brexiteers insist that Brexit was someone else’s fault, when it was totally self-inflicted. Meanwhile, the EU has moved on, and has less and less time for its embarrassing neighbour. Sad, really.

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J said...

She won, she should get over it... honestly what is it with these people being such bad winners. Its like they are never happy unless they are bitching about something. Talk about reich-wing snowflakes. Sadly they don't get cancelled hard enough and still have to pollute the world with their scrating.

Unknown said...

It's like cancelling a magazine subscription, then complaining that you have to pay for access to the magazine

Anonymous said...

This woman is embarrassing but then so are the programmes she is largely chosen to appear on. She was another one who during lockdown appeared on telly telling people they “should all be at work” while being filmed in her kitchen … she’s just so wrong on so many levels … fat gammon embarrassing old Trollop

J said...

And another point... the Daily Brexshit, also know as The Express(ly racist), was singing the praises of Pridy Vacnt when she muted the idea of charging "johny forener" (no "g"s allowed) money to visit the UK and how it would make 300 million a year for the UK. And now the Expressly racist is upset that the EU is reciprocating.

Sad that the Expressly racist is now owned by the Mirror and yet is still racist as fuck. I wonder do the great and good of the Mirror care that their sister publication is racist as fuck, or do they agree with its racist as fuck stance?

Anonymous said...

Two things here:

(a) Malone and the Express are a perfect match of thick-as-pigshit empty headed bullshit ignorance


(b) We don't need to import EU criminals. We have our very own surplus of the thieving gobshites in Parliament, corporate media and inside the M25 ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Talking of "alleged criminality"...get a load of THIS -


Anonymous said...

At least this is benig reported in the media now


Mr Larrington said...

It’s not as if the Quitlers weren’t warned about this. Except that the warnings were dismissed as sCaReMoNgErInG ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, and PrOjEcT fEeR. You lot shat the bed, Carole, so don’t expect the EU to wash the sheets.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I reckon Malone is a man with a shaved-off moustache and a wig made from never-shampooed old carpets.

There's one propping up the bar in every ale house.

iMatt said...

Ms Malone is one of those brexiters who thinks the more you shout, the more shrill you are and the more you interrupt, the more correct you must be. This is the shock news for her and her ilk. Visa costs are the consequence of her vote. I wonder how long before she agrees with 'Brexit (not quite so) hardman' Steve Baker that Brexit is now a 'political fiasco'?