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Sunday 29 August 2021

GB News Advocates More Covid Deaths

In yet another demonstration, if any were still needed, that Covid-19 cannot be wished away by recycling anti-mask propaganda, taking unproven treatments, and refusing to get tested, let alone vaccinated, a man from Texas called Caleb Wallace died yesterday at the Shannon Medical Center, in San Angelo. He first got symptoms of the virus on July 26. On July 30, he was admitted to hospital. On August 8, he was intubated and sedated.

Live. Unlike dead Covid deniers

Why is Caleb Wallace’s death significant? Well, as the Mirror has reported, he “organised a Freedom Rally against Covid restrictions in July … His family said that Wallace felt that insistence on wearing masks was a violation of people’s rights. The conspiracy theorist's dad Russell Wallace said: ‘After watching all the government overreach here he decided he wanted to do something about it’”. Government overreach.

Freedom from Government overreach did not save Caleb Wallace from Covid-19: he has left a young wife with three little children, and another on the way. And children are one way that Covid-19 spreads among the population. That is why Governments across Europe have already begun vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds. Less virus spread, fewer infections, fewer hospitalisations, and fewer deaths. This is a no brainer.

So, with new infections in the UK running at an average of over 34,000 a day (or three times the EU average), daily hospitalisations averaging 900, and deaths totalling 785 in the past week, no responsible broadcaster is going to stand in the way of any measure that cuts transmission, infection and all the rest. Unless they’re a host on GB News.

And that host is Neil Oliver, who has done his bit for increasing Covid-19 hospitalisations and deaths by ranting that the West is “not in the grip of a virus, but of delusional madness”. So are you sitting comfortably, children? Then he’ll begin. “I’ll start with the madness, a plan that I consider madness, anyway, that scares me most”. Do go on.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid has told the NHS to give Covid-19 vaccine injections to children over 12. There’s talk as well, terrifying to me, inexplicable and appalling to my mind, of setting aside parental consent for that medical procedure. I say this is worse than madness, that it is wickedly wrong. Over and above the safety, or not, the efficacy, or not, of experimental injections rolled out under the terms of emergency use authorisation”.

We’re entering full Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) territory now. And there is more. “And for which we have no long term data [wrong], I am scared to the pit of my stomach by any Government that seeks to come between parent and child … parents decide what does, and does not, happen to their children”. And he’s not finished.

Governments, if they know what’s good for them, stay the hell away from law abiding parents and their kids. Down through history, one totalitarian rĂ©gime after another … has identified the family as the fundamental building block of society, and, thereby, the most stubborn stumbling block on the road to establishing their brave new worlds”.

Enough. No doubt there will be sufficient plausible deniability to allow GB News to avoid the blowback from the next Covid denier who takes inspiration from this faux libertarian cretin. Meanwhile, Covid denial combined with more virus transmission by kids will, with the certainty of night following day, bring us more like Caleb Wallace. Read and weep.

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Anonymous said...

The more I see of this fella the more I wish he’d fallen off the cliff top when he were presenting that Coast rubbish ….

Anonymous said...

There is only one suitable description for Oliver: He's a sick, irresponsible dickhead, a clear and present danger to the health of Britain.

Another perfect fit for a country charging downhill on a bobsled.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Is this the TV Archaeologist Guy . Can't quite see how he's qualified to offer an opinion, not that this stops any of them

J said...

Imagine my shock when someone only known for doing some shitty program about the coast, and nothing of note before or since, is employed to be an alt-reich talking head by Gammon Bastard News, the news of the National Front, and talks a load of bollocks about a subject he knows fuck all about... I'm shocked, shocked I tell you - well not that shocked.

Then again, its what Gammon Bastard News, the news of the National Front, is about about... talking bollocks to wind up the thick gammons. Its like a massive pork broiler.

gillette said...

Well, he's not looking too good is he. I didn't realise it was the same guy.

Anonymous said...

Neil Oliver, age 54, already a bitter and twisted octogenarian.

SteveShark said...

He's qualified to talk about history, but not epidemiology.