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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Dan Wootton Cops Anniversary Flack

The deeply unpleasant Dan Wootton, still at the Murdoch Sun but soon to be en route to join the equally untalented convocation of the washed-up at Gammon Broadcasting™ News, also to be known as “Bacon’s News Channel”, has celebrated an anniversary for which he may not wish to be remembered, but will be for years to come.

Pass the sick bucket

Trailing a Woman’s Hour interview, the BBC has reminded us of that anniversary as it notes “Tributes have been paid to Caroline Flack, one year on from her suicide at the age of 40”. Wootton feigned shock and sadness at Ms Flack’s death, but managed to miss that his paper had hounded the former Love Island presenter relentlessly.

Caroline Flack - hounded by the Tabs

This was despite anyone and everyone knowing that Ms Flack had been experiencing mental health issues for some time. But Wootton, aided and abetted by former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan, Sarah “Vain” Vine and Julia Hartley Dooda, dutifully blamed ITV, the CPS, and unspecified “Social Media” outlets for the tragedy instead.

So Wootton should have been prepared for some, er, Flack when he began to sound off about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s announcement that Megs was expecting their second child. Only last week, when he was asked “Dan ..can I ask what scoop you have made in the last 3 years that you are most proud of?” it did not take long for another Tweeter to respond “Caroline Flack probably”. Then there was Amanda Holden.

Ms Holden broke lockdown rules and got caught. Wootton got on his high horse. “The curtain twitching mob now has Amanda Holden in their sights. Well, I’m sorry, if her elderly parents needed her help, having not seen her for a year, I will not judge the decision she made”. IT WAS YOUR PAPER THAT JUDGED HER, DUMBASS. Also, he was once again reminded that “You judged Caroline Flack though”. And so to Hal and Megs.

Wootton praised yesterday’s Daily Star front page splash. This was unwise. “A year ago today, your ‘friend’ Caroline Flack committed suicide because of the constant belittling of the media, such as like this. Would have thought you’d learnt something seeing as it’s been a year. Don’t be a dick Dan, be kind Dan. You never know what someone’s going though”. The severely adverse comment continued with the likes of “To think you're doing this a year after you basically hounded Caroline Flack to her grave”.

There was more. “The unrelenting and negative rhetoric towards H&M by you and others is shameful. It is the anniversary of Caroline Flack's death by suicide today and yet the virulence towards H & M and in particular Meghan continues without thought for the impact or potential consequences”. And Wootton was not the only culprit.

Just a reminder that on the anniversary of Caroline Flack’s death and the message of #BeKind being strongly pushed... two of Caroline’s biggest mourners [Piers Morgan] and [Dan Wootton] have spent the day bullying Meghan Markle for announcing she’s pregnant. So much for Be Kind”. Ms Flack has been mentioned to Wootton. But he’s not listening.

That might involve him expressing regret. And he’s not big enough to do that.

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Steve Woods said...

I prefer the monicker GBeebies for Brillo's new venture as it trips off the tongue easier.

Anonymous said...

Par for the far right course for tabloid caddies like Wooton, Morgan, Neil, Kavanagh, Hartley Spewer, MacFilth, Young, Hodges, Montgomerie and Liddle.

Seedy corrupt scum all. Not a trace of human decency or conscience between them.

David said...

GBeebies. Absolute bloomin' genius. I'm pinching that one! :-)

Anonymous said...

well ah faw wan thot it shud of bean gloriass or gawdlyke Britania noos coz we,z sow fackin sooperiah ta evry cant elz yeh ?dunt fackin slag ov androo fackin neel yeh ?

lol Gammon Brexiter news?

Anonymous said...

I wish he’d fuck off back to New Zealand sanctimonious self centred little pile of shit