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Tuesday 16 February 2021

Tracy Ann Oberman’s Faux Victimhood

Right now, some of those blue tick Tweeters who have taken minor thesp Tracy Ann Oberman at her word may be recalibrating their trust in her. Because Ms Oberman has embarked upon a campaign which has developed not necessarily to her advantage. She has called out someone for alleged anti-Semitism. But the someone didn’t go there.

Tracy Ann Oberman

What set Ms Oberman off can be put directly: a Tweeter who has indicated their support for former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has passed adverse comment on her, telling that they had enjoyed It’s A Sin until she appeared on the screen.

That Tweeter did not tag Ms Oberman. So it has to be assumed that Ms Oberman has been searching for mentions of her name before condemning someone for expressing an opinion. “Caroline do you think that YOU may be one of those intolerant bigots that Russell is talking about in [It’s A Sin]. Seems you’ve missed the entire point of the series. You and the rest of this thread. Oh dear” she scolded. And there was more.

She tagged the CST, infamous for recently smearing innocent activists as anti-Semites, and Labour Against Anti-Semitism. And the Labour Party. Not that Ms Oberman is trying to incite a pile-on and get someone into trouble, you understand. She was joined in her endeavour by Jewish Chronicle editor Stephen Pollard. ”This is where we are at: people openly tweeting that they won't watch a show because it has a Jewish actor in it who speaks out against Jew hate. Thus making her point for her”. Circular argument, much?

Eddie Marsan joined in this not-really-a-pile-on. “[It’s A Sin] must have [a] cast of 50 actors, all giving brilliant performances, so tell me what is it about the Jewish actress and anti racism campaiger [Tracy Ann Oberman], that leaves a bad taste in your mouth?” Christ on a bike, she just expressed an opinion. But the blue ticks were, by now, circling.

Emma Kennedy observed the growing molehill and upgraded it to Himalayan status. “I’m absolutely sick of watching the abuse [Tracy Ann Oberman] gets on this platform. And the more people who call it out, the better”. Someone said they didn’t like her. What’s abusive about that? Meanwhile, Ms Kennedy’s rant brought in Kirsty Allsopp.

Who said it? “A rabid Corbyn supporter” bleated Ms Kennedy. Oh, well, free hit time: “There’s a vaccine for that. My Grandmother was bitten by a monkey but in those days the needle for the rabies vaccine was so huge she chickened out. But rabies is a horrible condition, that Caroline should get the jab”. Yeah, let’s all give the leftie a good kicking!

But then some of those who had initially taken Ms Oberman on trust had second thoughts. “I bloody love [Daniel Mays] - when industry people you respect and love stand up and call this racist shit out - then you know it’s going to be ok. I Never want another Jewish actor to feel marginalised or frightened on our industry. Too many are” she opined approvingly.

Sadly, Mays had deleted his Tweet. Then, Janey Godley also withdrew, adding “Am horrified she’s being piled on, it seems unnecessary - I apologise”. And Dileep Rao, who had opened with “People like Caroline should be dragged through the streets … Fuck these people forever” reconsidered, deleted and admitted “I was wrong to write this. I apologize. Without reservation. It was absurdly out of proportion … It was just dumb”.

And while we’re being lectured about Ms Oberman’s anti-racism, perhaps her remaining supporters can explain these gems from her back catalogue. After Liz Hurley had told the world “Ping Pong has spoken her first human word! It's as if one of the dogs spoke-we are entranced”, Ms Oberman asked “Is Ping Pong the Thai help?” Ping Pong was a parrot.

Then, after David Quantick mused, not totally seriously, “we are all pretend Muslims now. Except the real Muslims”, Ms Oberman replied “I'll take your clitoris off for that comment”. Which I’m sure is not at all Islamophobic. So that’s For Some Value Of anti-racism.

In the meantime, the unfortunate Tweeter who had the audacity to express her dislike of Ms Oberman has had to take her Twitter feed private. Not that she’s been the victim of an especially nasty pile-on from a bunch of blue ticks who didn’t look before leaping.

Tracy Ann Oberman just lost a significant amount of trust. I’ll just leave that one there.

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Anonymous said...

If there was ever an argument why online anonymity is actually a good thing then this is it. I can't imagine this woman would have got worked up into a lather of manufactured outrage if the original tweeter was called randomTVcritic_1602.

Anonymous said...

Pollard and Oberman.

Not a firm to buy a used car from.

Ramblings of a Cotswold Woman said...

This is a perfect example of how ridiculous things have become - apparently if you don't like someone now it can only be because they are Jewish or Black or foreign. It can't be because you don't rate them as an actor or that you simply don't like the way they conduct themselves. It's just madness.

Anonymous said...

Her account has now been suspended too

James said...

Saw this yesterday and it really annoyed me. These celebrities just scream 'antisemite' and people come to aid them in a witch hunt. My thoughts are with the lady involved. Suppose that she became depressed to the extent of being suicidal. Would the celebrities take responsibility for their actions ? Would they be given a free pass because of the association with the labour antisemitism smear crisis ? This is all worrying, very bleak stuff....

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these people? I'll take your clitiros off for that comment?? Coming from a so-called woman with a badly manufactured victim complex who's puking bile about racism that didn't actually happen?? To just say she/it severely lacks self-awareness would be far too kind. She/it is utterly vile and needs to be shut (put?) down.

Anonymous said...

How completely and utterly absurd this whole thing is!
I don't like Tracy Oberman either - she's a nasty piece of work with a foul mouth.

I was totally unaware she is Jewish, until she started on about anti-semitism, because people's ethnicity doesn't cross my mind, nor do I care where they come from.

If they are nice people, I like them.
If they are nasty people, I detest them

Guess which way I do on this woman.

Abigfan said...

TAO is a despicable bully@louloufell is entitled not to like people. the pile on was shameful in the extreme.
This has gone to far, AS has been weaponised to bully and silence people.

Anonymous said...

TAO is used to conducting a pile on and then accusing others of bullying she did frighten the wits out of a 15 year with mental health issues old on twitter to the point where her father had to intervene

notosilencing said...

I agree.
Some people erroneously judged anti-Semitic to silence criticism, cancel them.

It can be used as a weapon, as this case shows.

It makes me think of the stereotypical 'is it because I'm black?', 'you are racist' remarks when not getting something they want, or you just don't like them. Is anti-Semitism the newer version?

The people who went through/died during the holocaust suffered horrific acts & most died. It is 70yrs now. We must not forget the atrocity; many Jews still believe in standing with the oppressed & never the oppressor? Much as 100m+ of Native Indians were erased by genocide when British Empire/Europeans took over their lands. It's rarely mentioned/taught.

Some Jews I do not like, just as some English I don't like, as well as some American, Jamaican, Polish, etc.
I really dislike this woman, Jewish or not, because she is nasty and uses AS to cancel/silence people.
Another, Margaret Hodge is Jewish, I don't care about that, she allowed child abuse as she couldn't be bothered following up reports/claims.
I know there are many Jews who do not support Israeli Government - they get called AS too.

search Norman Finklestein crocodile tears.

Simon David Stewart said...

Perhaps every time she starts Tweeting, she's asked what she has to say about the brutal racist treatment of Palestinians, given she claims to be so strongly anti-racist.

Loulou ❤️🌹 said...

Thank you Tim ❤️🌹