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Friday 19 February 2021

So Farewell Then Darren Grimes

Some of those out there on the right manage to get away with comments and stances that would make others stop and think. How do they get away with it? Utilising the combination of low cunning and moderate intelligence that is a must-have for the modern Conservative. Those people become part of the media establishment, get TV invites, are gifted newspaper columns. And then there are people like Darren Grimes.

Dazza’s fame extends mainly to being too inept to fill in a form properly, shamelessly crossing the Brexit floor from Lib Dem to Tory, and being so stupid that he failed to edit out David Starkey’s “damn blacks” comment in their interview, thus condemning the historian to career wipeout. He joined the Vote Leave crowd. He wanted to become a contender.

But he failed. Why? Consider this comment. “I doubt I’m alone thinking it pretty outrageous to UK taxpayers that there are parliamentarians in our country arguing that conditions in our military barracks are good enough for our troops, but “unacceptable” to house those supposedly leaving behind war and whatever else!” The barracks, in fact, were NOT good enough for our troops. Basic research fail. Then came that race issue. Again.

The Left think so poorly of BAME individuals that they reckon they’re incapable of securing a form of ID to ensure they can take part in our elections”. WHOSE elections? Nazir Afzal put him straight. "I’ve been voting in YOUR elections longer than you’ve been alive because they happen to be MY elections too”. But this was all about to change.

Next week I leave London and move back home. When I moved out of my family home, I never anticipated I’d ever go back. Yet here we are, three national lockdowns on, as just one of the millions of forgotten Brits whose mental health has deteriorated markedly over these 12 months”. He does deserve a little cutting of slack. But then, but then.

Didn’t he get that berth at GB News, or, indeed, Murdoch’s new operation? “I didn’t apply for any role at GB News and have never expressed even the slightest scintilla of interest in being a political correspondent. I’m moving back to be with my family as I’ve been driven round the twist by de facto house arrest, but apart from that, aye mate, spot on”.

Plenty of wriggle room in his denial, though. And Kate Wilton, among others, was not buying his line. “At the end of the day they’ll always pick the posh young man over the Northern lad to push their far right agenda. You sold yourself out to them because you thought it would benefit you. More fool you. Maybe one day you’ll have genuine regrets”.

Tom Harwood, it is true, is better at reciting talking points, while avoiding opening mouth and inserting foot. Also, Shahmir Sanni, who knows Grimes of old, did not buy the story on offer, either. “Nahhhh sorry. I don’t feel sorry for him anymore. The guy is dangerous”.

He added “It is precisely this coddling and infantilising of a grown man who has supported eugenicists, criminals & bigots to further his own political career that has allowed him to succeed. The Tories treat him like a poor little boy and he uses it to his advantage every time he f*cks up”. Grimes is, after all, 27 years old. That’s nine years older than Greta Thunberg, who is apparently fair game for critics, mental health condition or no.

Darren Grimes put his trust in the Vote Leave crowd. They shat on him. That is all.

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Arnold said...

“Next week I leave London and move back home. When I moved out of my family home, I never anticipated I’d ever go back.

I don't suppose that they did either. Poor sods.

Anonymous said...

This country's full of right wing mugs and suckers.

Dozo is but one of them, though worse than most.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Good riddance to the Cretinous snide little Chipmunk.

Good news from the Supreme Court in the Uber case too.
As frabjous a day as we're going to see for a while sadly

Anonymous said...

Looks like we’ve seen the las of little dopey joe soap for a bit .... hopefully .... next week he’s covering the Stonewall riots for a big issue special ...

Anonymous said...

There's a ton of these muppets out there consuming the dirty cash and producing inept propaganda. Usually easy to spot.

They tend not to have proper jobs, parrot whatever the Conservative talking point of the day is, seems strangely enamoured with US Repub politics and Trump, are often covid-denialists and spend their lives churning out guff on social media.

They also tend to use actual societal problems or health issues as a way of beating the left, i.e. think of all those right-wingers who had zero issue with austerity and health cuts who are now rattling on daily about mental health in the pandemic or the NHS being overstretched. Ditto for those suddenly concerned about unemployment.

Am not sure what the solution is to troupes of bad actors destroying democratic discourse but I know one simple partial fix - for the likes of the BBC and other channels not to give them constant air-time. Sadly they won't do this because the British press is heavily Tory and will keep the spigot of nonsense overflowing until there's a backlash.

Is this disillusion? said...

So Dazza falls at the first hurdle of research yet again, the barracks issue for armed service personnel and their families has long been raised in Private Eye for years and by Parliament, but it got contracted out to Tory donors.. but you won't hear Dazza mention it.

Unknown said...

I doubt very much that Consett wil get the bunting out!

Anonymous said...

Just a minor correction. I assume you're referring to Greta Thunberg's autism in the penultimate sentence. Autistic spectrum disorder is a neuro-developmental condition, not a mental health issue.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever seen Grimes and Harwood in the same room?

An uncanny likeness. That's apart from being two extreme right wing dickhead propagandists.

Anonymous said...

Give it a couple of months:
Dazza will have obtained the key to teh basement, learned to operate a webcam and be "influencing" as a poundshop Paul Joseph Watson.

Gasp desperate please for an American sponsor.
Swoon and he debases himself further rightward to chase the money.
Chuckle as it all ends up as another fine mess.

Not to worry Dazza, there's always the Harry Potter lookaline work to fall back on.

Oram said...

Priti Patel has also made the point that as the barracks were good enough for our brave military heroes then the refugees should be happy to be housed there.
She is probably not a Private Eye reader or she would know how crap a lot of the accommodation for our brave military heroes actually is