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Sunday 21 February 2021

Parsons Royal Spite FLOPS

Following a softening-up operation that involved Lorraine Kelly, Jane Moore, Ingrid Seward and Rod “a smile, a song and a four-pack of Stella” Liddle, it has fallen to washed-up has-been Tony Parsons to feign sympathy for the Royal Family in order to put the boot in on someone who is taking legal action against the Murdoch mafiosi.

Another formulaic rant ...

Parsons and his fellow pundits have embarked on one mission: to kick the Sussexes. This, in turn, shows that the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has never recovered from the time it was edited by the singularly unpleasant Tony Gallagher, who brought with him the culture of the Daily Mail, from whence he came. The culture of humourless spite.

So it was that Tone told his adoring readers (Kelvin and Rebekah Bonkers) “Prince Harry, you’ve broken the Queen’s heart - I hope you’re happy”. How has Hal done this? You’ll love this one: “Prince Harry can fill his boots with the bounty of corporate America … But - with spectacular selfishness and insensitivity - he has turned his back on his family and his country at the worst possible moment … There are 120,000 British dead”. HE DONE IT!

... won't stop his determination ...

Yes, Tony Parsons is yet more desperate than even his sternest critic imagined - so desperate that he’s blaming Harry for the Covid-19 pandemic. If only he had stayed in the UK, it would never have happened! This take is not merely novel. It is total horseshit.

This mound of evil-smelling by-product is enhanced in both size and pungency by Parsons dribbling “What a contrast between the runaway Prince Harry and his paternal grand- father Prince Philip. The Duke of Sussex is the royal woke bloke. And the Duke of Edinburgh is old school writ large”. Phil The Greek is indeed different to Hal. He got away with his various, shall we say, alleged extra-Royal excursions as the press kept quiet.

... to show that folks like her ...

But enough of Parsons and his ranting-to-order punditry: this is not about him. And it is not about The Greek either, at least, not specifically. It’s about two things, the first of which is that our free and fearless press cannot allow any member of the Royal Family to evade their grasp: they are public servants, therefore they are public property, and there for the press to do as they wish, including smearing, defaming and abuse of privacy.

And the second, which neither the Sun, nor any other title, has managed to tell its readers, is that the Sussexes are both involved in litigation against that title - and others. Worse, Hal has alleged that the period during which he was a target for phone hacking went back from 2011 all the way to 1994. So he’s saying they hacked Diana. Whoops!

... were involved in hacking HER

Those standing accused include the CEO of News UK - Rebekah Brooks - and her longstanding pal Piers Morgan, former Screws and Daily Mirror editor. That’s why Tony Parsons, along with Ms Moore, Ms Kelly, Ms Seward and Rod Liddle-by-Liddle, are piling in to Hal and Megs. The Sussexes want themselves, and not the press, to be in control of who gets told what about them. And will instruct lawyers to enforce their wishes.

Faced with that, and the prospect of being exposed for hacking Diana, the Murdoch mafiosi is responding the only way it knows how: a barrage of spiteful knocking copy from its unappealing bevy of useful idiots. Tony Parsons is the latest to be so instructed.

There is one small problem with this approach - it won’t work. But you knew that already.

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Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Didn't this gimp spawn a Bratling with the odious Julie Burchill ? Wonder how that potential Damien/Omen has turned out?
How these "hip young gun-slingers" have transmogrified into sour toxic squitters of bullpucky. Too much chasing easy cash combined with excessive bolivian marching powder I guess. Parsons is a rancid creep and no mistake.

Anonymous said...

The most striking characteristic of these people isn't their wilful ignorance. It's their sheer evil rottenness.

God knows what passes through their "minds" as they pump out their corrupt bilge. Something in their DNA must have brought them down to this lowest level of behaviour, this twisted bitterness. Whatever it is, it's the exact opposite of decent humanity.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody pay attention to Tony Parshole?
I thought he had gone the way of Mile "Calypso" Reid and other music-adjacent embarassments.