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Saturday 22 August 2020

Sun Bozo Holiday Story IS CRAP

Once again, the Murdoch press has been mobilised in order to cheer on alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, after the location of his holiday cottage in a remote part of Scotland was made public earlier this week. And once again, it is the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole, now pretending to be the Sun’s political editor, who has been volunteered to take dictation on behalf of the Tory Party.

Readers not yet asleep were toldANGRY Boris Johnson had to pack up his tent and come home after his Scottish holiday location was leaked, The Sun can reveal … The PM had taken fiancée Carrie Symonds and new baby Wilfred for a break after a traumatic six months”. And Dilyn the dog, don’t forget. There was more.

He and his family were camping in the garden of the cottage [no citation] … the windswept location was leaked when photos of his secluded Highland cottage and tent were published … A well placed source said: ‘They had been camping in the garden of the cottage but the security threat was too much’”. A source so well placed that Master Cole could see it in the mirror, no doubt. So who allegedly leaked the location?

Locals tipped off paparazzi and pictures appeared that clearly identified where he was. The risk to the family included fears that they could be mobbed by Scottish nationalists … A senior Tory told The Sun: ‘The finger of blame for this all getting out is being pointed at the SNP, particularly Ian Blackford who is local.’” This is total horseshit.

The location of Bozo’s holiday hideaway was easy to deduce after the Daily Mail splashed photos of it on Thursday evening. And as for Master Cole’s claim “Bodyguards said it wasn’t safe for the family to stay on and it is understood they flew home on Thursday after just three days”, this is also horseshit. The Mail had already told readers that he and his entourage had arrived last weekend. And it gets worse for the Sun.

English Country Cottages, the website through which the property - The Old School House at Lonbain - can be booked, shows that changeover day is Friday. So it is almost certain that Bozo and Co would have had to vacate the property by yesterday anyway. Also, “Boris pictured chatting to neighbours on the break” had already been preceded by the Mail confirming that the two men were part of the PM’s security detail.

And spare us the ridiculous idea that our lazy and out-of-shape leader stayed one minute in a tent - with his fiancée, a less than one year old child, and a dog. At this time of year, when there are even more millions of midges than usual because of the warm and damp weather, no-one with brain plugged in and a hole in their backside is going to even contemplate swapping a modernised cottage (with all mod cons) for a tent.

But good to see that when spin and smears were demanded, Master Cole had no problem stepping forward to invent them. Not that shitting on the SNP’s Westminster leader is going to help sales of his own paper, which is facing a Scots backlash after the ill-judged “DEATH EXPRESS” headline which caused such revulsion, its editor actually apologised.

So that’s own goals all round and another pack of lies debunked. No change there, then.

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earlsferry said...

Boro's location in Scotland was neither remote nor remotely highland.

gillette said...

Does Johnson have a hole in his backside? Considering the amount of manure that comes out of his mouth its debatable

Anonymous said...

Given the bloke talks out of his arse Steve bells caricature is spot on. As is his shit for brainsTrump.

Arnold said...

Bellend in a bell tent.

Anonymous said...

Cole really DOES have a face like a hamster.

J said...

But what about the violinist? ;-)


If he wanted a private Holiday in the Highlands. Why did he not go there. Quietly. Not even tell anyone where he was going. He is a total Liar. The most incompitent fool ever

Anonymous said...

Tossers all

Dave Eyre said...

I wonder of this had anything to do with it?


Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Rouge wearing Groundhog or maybe Rock Hyrax

Jonathan said...

Didn't The Flanned Fool lose his best girl Carrie Symonds to the lazy oaf in No10?