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Tuesday 25 August 2020

Scotland Makes Bozo’s Mind Up AGAIN

Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson was trying very hard earlier today to milk the confected row over the Last Night of the Proms. In fact he was trying just a little too hard. Because the faux Proms row is not only a Silly Season special with a little BBC bashing on the side, it is now the latest dead cat to be slung on the table of politics.

So when Bozo harrumphedI cannot believe... that the BBC is saying that they will not sing the words of Land Of Hope And Glory or Rule Britannia! as they traditionally do at the end of The Last Night of The Proms … I think it's time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history, about our traditions, and about our culture, and we stopped this general fight of self-recrimination and wetness … I wanted to get that off my chest”, he was not only talking disingenuous bullshit, he was saying Look Over There.

Why the public’s gaze should need averting is because another of the growing litany of humiliating U-Turns is coming on down the track at maximum permitted linespeed and shows no sign of slowing down before it slams into Bozo’s battered reputation. Once again, the subject is education. And once again he has been bested by the Scots.

As more and more concerned parents worry about children transmitting Covid-19 to other children at school, and for the virus to be then transmitted to older relatives, the Scottish Government has decided to act. As the BBC has reported, “Scottish secondary school pupils will have to wear face coverings in corridors, communal areas and school buses from next Monday”. That means pupils of what age?

Education Secretary John Swinney said the new rules would apply to all pupils aged over 12 … He said the guidance had been updated based on new advice from the World Health Organization … There will no requirement to wear face coverings in classrooms where social distancing measures are in place … Mr Swinney said individual exemptions could be granted for health reasons, but the guidance would be ‘obligatory’ for all secondary, special and grant-aided schools”. As with exam results, Scotland moves first.

And moves decisively, while Bozo blusters. The BBC once more: “The government is under pressure to give schools in England more flexibility over allowing face masks. Head teachers, who want an urgent review of guidance against masks, said if there is going to be a u-turn it should be ‘sooner rather than later’. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, depending on the medical advice, ‘if we need to change the advice then of course we will’”.

Or rather, as TES has discovered, they already have. “The government is set to make a major U-turn by announcing that wearing face masks will be near-mandatory in communal areas of secondary schools, according to sources. Tes understands that both Public Health England and the Department for Education have signed off on this new policy. An announcement could come as soon as this afternoon, sources say”.

Another day, another screeching U-Turn, another example of Bozo and Co being caught dithering while the Scots do the decision making. No dead cat will cover for that one.

Nick Ferrari! Piers Morgan! Andrew Pierce! Richard Littlejohn! Isabel Oakeshott! Harry Cole! Andrew Bridgen! Michael Fabricant! Allison Pearson! Julia Hartley Dooda! Darren Grimes! Can you hear me Darren Grimes?!? Your boy took one hell of a beating!

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Jonathan said...

The screeching U turn came with a helping hand of Polecat, the facemasks will only be required in areas in lockdown e.g parts of Greater Manchester and Lancashire, but in other areas headteachers can decide!
So more blame shifting, more dithering and playing to the RW commentators like apprentice Toast monitor Darren 'Thicko' Grimes and Nick 'Get back to the Office' Ferrari..
Yet Gavin Williamson remains in office despite his record of disasters.

Anonymous said...

Who can forget the wonderful moment when the Norwegian commentator jeered at "Moggy Thotcher".

How right he was...and how shite was that England team.