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Sunday 30 August 2020

Anti-Maskers Bring Out The Nazis

Those supposed lockdown sceptics - for which, read anti-lockdown clingers to any raft of batshit conspiracy theories going - held a rally yesterday in central London. Gathering in Trafalgar Square, the assembled unbelievers were addressed by such level-headed luminaries as David Icke and Piers Corbyn. This, it was proclaimed, was the people reclaiming their freedom. Including some less than totally savoury hangers-on.

There, untroubled by criticism, or indeed intervention of any kind, was a very large fascist flag and its proud owner. Joe Mulhall of Hope Not Hate observed “Some ‘interesting’ characters at the London anti-lockdown/David Icke event”. Hanna Ines Flint had more.

The British Union of Fascists was banned by the government in 1940 because of its Nazi support and the increasingly violent acts of its members. 80 years later, its symbol of Antisemitism and Hate is being flown freely in Trafalgar Square. This flag should be illegal”. Bethany Usher added “It’s the child standing beside it that breaks my heart. The British union of Fascists now flying flags again on the streets of Britain, fuelled by a right wing public discourse and news media that has convinced a nation the real threat is the ‘woke’ left. Devastating”. The return of 1930s fascism. Unchallenged.

One Tweeter, having noted “What a score getting David 'lizards' Icke and Piers 'myth of man-made global warming' Corbyn on the same stage!” then confirmed they, too, had seen That Flag. “Retro revival with the British Union of Fascists”. Another observer mused “I wonder how many of the 'Marchers for Freedom' realised they were marching under the flag of Moseley's British Union of Fascists?” Except the flag now has a new owner.

Reminder - British Union of Fascists no longer exist. The flag has been appropriated by a newer and equally vile group called the New British Union. They were in London yesterday and are here on Twitter. If you want to bash some fash you can find them”. And the slogan of the New British Union? “Restoring faith in fascism”. Itchy right arm time once more!

All of which caused Sunder Katwala to question Simon Dolan, who wants to “Keep Britain Free”. “Simon - it seems a shame none of your speakers or protestors seemed to do anything to challenge those flying a British Union of Fascists flag. Why was this? Did people not notice - or not know what it was? Are Fascists welcome at your protests? Have you criticised them today?” Dolan’s response is not known.

That’s interesting. Because one eagle-eyed individual recognised the flag’s owner. “The man with the British Union of Fascists flag was a regular pro-Brexit protestor outside parliament at Carriage Gates. His flag of preference then was the St. George's Cross”. And Louise Raw, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, reckoned Gary Raikes was his name. “This you, Gary? And the little poster you had made of your face?

That piece of detective work didn’t take so long. So what kept the “Keep Britain Free” crowd? David Icke’s Wikipedia entry includesIcke claims that the antisemitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is genuine … Icke claims that Jews themselves are to blame for antisemitism (a classic Nazi claim that can be traced to Adolf Hitler)”.

But this is a complete coincidence. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

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Anonymous said...

Full on fascism in Britain 2020.

Inevitable after 40 years of increasingly far right politics.

Due "thanks" to "centrists" for their "moderation".

The worst is yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Actual fascists on the streets of the capital, with zero outrage. Scary times.

Anonymous said...

Jon Ron's Them managed to cover both Icke and Alex Jones almost twenty years ago. The TV show was pretty funny although it presented Alex Jones as more of a loud eccentric rather than the demented fascist shit he actually is.


Re: The Moseley flag. So this is another creepy right-wing group that's popped up out of nowhere. Would it be beyond proper journalists to actually look at who's funding all this shit here and in Europe? George Monbiot has done some great stuff on the climate-denial funders, the same needs to be done with these scumbags before they're on every street corner attacking people.

grim northerner said...

Good people on both sides?

Anonymous said...

All the fruitcakes in one place! Don't bother me if they won't wear masks. Be glad to see covid finish them all off!

Nick S said...

That flag was begging to be snatched and dumped in the fountains.

RodJ said...

Nick S,"snatched, pissed on and then set on fire." FIFY :)

Nick S said...

I'm astounded that nobody took the opportunity, seeing as it was hanging there begging to be taken. That needs to be the only time it is displayed unmolested, and the same goes for the loser holding it.