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Saturday 29 August 2020

Nigel Farage - The Mask Slips

Sometimes those triumphantly putting the boot in on anyone to the left of Genghis Khan allow their enthusiasm to run unchecked to such an extent that the mask slips, and we see what really drives the jingoism, the proud patriotism, or more like the faux nationalism. So it was recently with Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, whose recent pronouncements show just what an upstanding member of society he is not.

Spot the difference, if any

Nige had been flogging his inflatable-boats-full-of-scary-brown-and-black-people dead horse a little too hard, and being chauffeured around the UK making a nuisance of himself and potentially putting hotels out of business was not universally popular, but then along came the Proms. This presented a prime target, but also revealed his bigotry.

So the BBC may drop Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from The Proms because the Finnish conductor is too woke. Why not drop her instead?” Although this scored him lots of clicks, and some media appearances, it showed his crude xenophobia and caused conductor Dalia Stasevska to receive abuse and threats - because Farage was lying. She has no control over which pieces are played at the Proms.

Still, remember Farage fans, “The woke agenda is to make us ashamed of who we are”. Yes, being aware of social injustice, and especially racism, is making Nige ashamed. Ashamed to be exposed as a racist. With a side order of lying: “The only thing that needs cancelling is the BBC itself”. Very good Nige: the BBC has been running the Proms since 1927. Were it not for the Beeb’s continued sponsorship, there would be no Last Night.

And if you don’t believe Farage is a nailed-on racist, check out what he is Retweeting: an article telling readers “New York University moves to implement racial segregation in student housing”. To borrow the words of Gore Vidal, Farage, like William F Buckley, would have been over at the Wallace headquarters stitching hoods.

The racism was underscored when he responded to news that some of those seeking asylum in the UK had secured legal representation, and that this had meant any move to deport them to another country could not proceed, by ranting “Left wing legal idiots won’t stop until our country is overrun”. Great Replacement conspiracy theory, anyone?

Anyone still think Nigel Farage is about patriotism, rather than just bigotry? After the latest figures on net migration showed a rise in non-EU entrants, he frothed “In 2016 we voted to take back control of our borders and this government was elected on that mandate. Conservative voters will be very disappointed by these figures”. The idea that the economy needs some inward migration is not allowed to enter. It’s just racism.

And not just any old racism, as he trailed his latest column for the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph by telling his followers “The silent majority has begun to stand up against this cultural Marxist revolution”. Many wish he would be silent for a change. Moreover, the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory is a little too obvious.

Nigel Farage isn’t a patriot. He isn’t interested in making the UK great, independent, world-leading or distinctive. He’s just a bigot who whips up hatred against brown people, black people, Jewish people, and anyone who doesn’t speak English. Deal with it, Farage fans.

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Red Star said...

" “In 2016 we voted to take back control of our borders and this government was elected on that mandate."

This government was elected by 43.6% of the electorate. You might therefore argue that the majority of the electorate did NOT endorse that mandate.

Nigel Fag Ash Watch said...

The Gammon king needs to note that the referendum of 2016 was about staying in the EU or leaving the EU. There was nothing about borders on the ballot paper and there was nothing about borders on the legislation about the 2016 referendum.

Anonymous said...

The racist cunt is factually wrong. According to members of his own party, we had to leave the EU in order to enable more non-EU immigration. Speaking in the European Parliament, Brexit Party MEP Matthew Patten accused the EU of being “institutionally racist” and that it purposefully limited the opportunities of ethnic minorities. https://scramnews.com/brexit-party-mep-comparison-european-union-slave-masters/

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Used to boast at school that his initials were NF.
Used to sing at school: 'Gas 'em all, gas 'em all..... etc'.

Political lepers don't change their spots.

Anonymous said...

Nothing patriotic about Farage. He would gladly sell the UK to Corporate America on the cheap.

Anonymous said...

His mask hasn't slipped at all.

He's always looked and sounded like a racist tory gobshite. He always will.

iMatt said...

The mask was never securely attached in the first place. Just look at what the racist Farage said in 1997 to the founder of ukip, Alan Sked. According to Sked, Farage was fully on board with ex-NF candidates running under the ukip banner. Sked said he was not sure that was a good idea. Farage's reply: "We'll never get the Nigger vote. The Nig Nogs will never vote for us".

Farage denies this naturally. But given his increasingly racist and xenophobic stance and the nasties he associates with, I know whom I believe.

Anonymous said...

Racist Gammon C*nt, not a Tory

Jonathan said...

He's always looked, sounded and behaved like the conservative and rather serious Sam Eagle from The Muppets.

grim northerner said...

Gammon Saul Goodman, 'better call Nige!'