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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Migrant Row - Where’s Mark François?

Yesterday evening, writer and broadcaster Cole Moreton noted another sad milestone along the road of intolerance towards refugees: “Here are the names of 23 MPs and Lords who claim the desperate men, women and children risking their lives to cross the Channel in tiny rubber boats in search of peace are ‘invading’. Anyone here on the coast who has met them knows how obscenely ludicrous that is”. So who was named?

There were the usual suspects: Philip Davies, not really stirring up hatred for cheap popularity, Bob “The Bigot” Blackman and Daniel Kawczynski were all present and correct. But one forthright populist was missing: step forward (or not, in this case) Wickford and Rayleigh MP Mark François (note cedilla under the c).

That’s an interesting omission, given that many of those making that crossing of the Channel will be seeking to apply for asylum in the UK. One look at François’ record on the They Work For You site explains why, beginning in January this year: “Mark Francois voted to remove a requirement for ministers to seek to negotiate an agreement with the EU to enable unaccompanied child refugees to join their relatives”.

Agree with those people Over There who Speak Foreign? I mean, what if he hadn’t personally won the war? He would fight them on the breakfasts, he would fight them at the lunch buffet, he would fight them in the Spoons and at the serving counter. And to show his total commitment to being disagreeable, he was at it again a fortnight later.

Mark Francois voted against requiring ministers to seek to negotiate with the EU to allow unaccompanied children seeking asylum to join their relatives by moving from the UK to the EU or vice-versa, and instead voted to require the Government to set out its policy on this subject”. Then, at the end of June, came the pièce de résistance.

Mark Francois voted to remove rights for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children, spouses, vulnerable adults and dependant adults to join a family member who is legally present in the United Kingdom”. Someone foreign has rights? What will his constituency chairman say about that? Brown people in boats have rights? The effrontery of it! He didn’t single-handedly evacuate Dunkirk for brown people to have rights!

But while his fellow south-east England Tory MPs - David “Basildon” Amess in Southend West, Tom Hunt in Ipswich, Sally-Ann Hart in Hastings and Rye, Craig Mackinlay in South Thanet, Andrew Rosindell in Romford, and Stephen Metcalfe in South Basildon and East Thurrock - are sounding off about “invasion”, François is uncharacteristically silent.

Has he suddenly become a convert to the cause of being understanding and tolerant towards those who have fled war zones and trekked thousands of miles in search of somewhere peaceful where they can start a new life? Has Mark François (note cedilla inter the c) decided to make peace with People Who Speak Foreign?

Whatever will his constituency chairman make of that? Curiouser and curiouser.

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Anonymous said...

There are rumours that he’s batting for the other side ‘klomph’

Arnold said...

55,000 excess Covid deaths, and theyre worried about a few hundred migrants?

Anonymous said...

Francois (see, no cedilla) and co are living proof that the very core of toryism is frigid and alien to normal human instincts and feelings, and to everything that makes life worth living.

It's as though at birth any trace of humanity was removed from them. Elemental conscience has been cauterised to make them incomplete. It bears a striking resemblance to the manifestations of nazism, fascism, falangism and religious tribalism that led to the Holocaust.

Maybe it's a twisted nerve or a distorted spiral of DNA.

But whatever it is...it's evil and rotten right through. Tragically for us and the refugees it has infected too many in Britain.

7 and 1/8th Barmy said...

After hearing that the refugees come from North Africa, Field Marshmallow François is back at El Alamein.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

I think you're being very naughty, Tim.

Jonathan said...

Seems Mark has been deleting his social media accounts for some reason.

Strangely Mark isn't on the Telly very much sharing his batshit conspiracy theories about Johnny Foreigner and those dastardly EU types who all hate Britain.

Come Jan 1st 2021, these Tories are going to be finding their postbags overflowing with complaints that Kent has become aant lorry park.

Anonymous said...

Arnold, you've just failed your Maths A level!

Collect an untested migrant and take him home to study.

R Ifmatik said...

Anonynotknow 16:17
Maths A level?
Arnold's statement is GCSE Sociology.

Try an A level Maths question.

Solve the following equation for values of θ between 0° and 360°.

2 – 3cos2θ = 2sinθ

Anonymous said...

I revise my answers, take 5377 off the deaths.

And l'll up grade nought to one and settle for an MA in anything.

R Ifmatik said...

'UK excess deaths during pandemic reach 62,000' - Financial Times June 2 2020