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Monday 24 August 2020

Abusive Tory Is Now A Victim

Realising rather too late that an open Twitter feed is open to, well, anyone else on Twitter, is not the best place to be for someone who is on the public payroll. But that is where Bella Wallersteiner is this morning. And she wants you to know that this makes her a victim, although that is too late to stop an official complaint about her behaviour.

Bella Wallersteiner

Nor is deletion of the offending Tweets, the first one picked up on yesterday telling her followers “By pandering to the BLM, a Marxist, fascist movement, the BBC is hammering one of the few remaining nails into its own coffin and increasing the likelihood of a real race war … It’s become the Globalist Broadcasting Corporation with no regard for British values”. So says someone who works for Tory MP Greg Clark.

Note also the whiff of anti-Semitism with the “globalist” tag, which makes another deleted Tweet rather more interesting. “I just wonder how an unpleasant antisemite like [Kerry Anne] Mendoza is still allowed to keep a Twitter account”. Ms Mendoza’s partner is Jewish. But Ms Wallersteiner is at least consistent, as in consistently going after black people.

Which brings us to another example of her consistency: “It’s depressing that the liberal world order is more likely to bestow a Nobel Peace Prize to Alicia Garza, founder of Black Lives Matter, a Marxist, crypto fascist movement, than President Trump for his herculean efforts in normalising relations between Israel and the UAE”.

One can only wonder at the strength of whatever they sup chez Wallersteiner. Quite apart from the defamation of BLM, the Beeb, and Kerry Anne Mendoza, the idea that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump makes efforts of any kind - let alone “herculean” ones - on the behalf of anyone other than Himself Personally Now is for the birds.

When she was called out for calling BLM “fascist”, Ms Wallersteiner deleted her Tweets, but did not recant or apologise. So Louise Raw, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, decided to make an official complaint, given We The People are paying her stipend. At this point, there was an outburst of victimhood. It was all the Rotten Lefties’™ fault!

Twitter embodies freedom of speech. Cancel culture is corrosive. Who wants to live in a world of homogenised views and self censorship. I abhor racism in all its forms. A personal Twitter account is a platform to express an individuals’ views. This is harassment”. Ms Wallersteiner was being cancelled! She was being harassed! She wasn’t racist!

And she wanted it to stop. “On reflection I should have been more guarded in my comments and using the word fascism was inappropriate. However the tirade of abuse which has followed constitutes harassment and trolling. Please desist”. Somehow, she missed that teensy fact: she is on the public payroll.

Just to prove she wasn’t racist, this morning brought a coda: "Yesterday was tough. We can’t all be [Laurence Fox] [!]. There are real life consequences for what you put on here. Cancel culture is deeply harmful and we must push against it. But, for now mere mortals, think before you Tweet”. No-one is cancelling her. But she is a Parliamentary staffer. Who should abide by the appropriate code of conduct. Like all her Parliamentary colleagues.

The right exists in a perpetual state of victimhood. No change there, then.

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Andy McDonald said...

Marxist fascists! Commienazis!

In all seriousness, and I'm aware of the irony in pointing this out via social media, when will they realise that a Twitter account is a) not a right, and b) not an obligation? OK, you might need to post things as part of your job, but it's entirely a choice to use the platform. Don't like the responses you're getting? Then change your message, or - and here's a novel idea - log off.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck is "a Marxist, crypto fascist movement"? How can someone be in politics and not know that fascism aims to eliminate socialism? That is why Churchill admired Mussolini and Hitler's "victorious struggle against the bestial appetites and passion of Leninism”.

It's like the orange racist is aware of the concept of words but doesn't actually understand what any of them mean.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of the crackpot loon*.

Hennceforth to be known as Whatawhiner.

*Courtesy of freeze peach.

grim northerner said...

It's quite telling that the right has no equivalent to blm, tackling racism shouldn't be the sole preserve of the left. Unless the right don't believe that racism is a problem, or exists. Calling an organisation founded by black people who feel that they are the victims of racism 'fascist' is a strange way to describe blm too.

Anonymous said...

By my count, Wallersteiner's tweets exhibit the following from Umberto Eco's list of the 14 common features of fascism:
The cult of tradition;
The rejection of modernism;
Disagreement is treason;
Fear of difference;
Appeal to social frustration;
The obsession with a plot;
The enemy is both strong and weak;
Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy;
Selective populism;
Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak.
As such, she's probably on the liberal wing of today's Tory Party.

Anonymous said...

Do you think if someone like William Shirer time-travelled to 2020 and looked at the militarised police in the US, and their 'homeland security' apparatus, and the loud, horrid, cretinous President with his mass rallies and militia supporters preaching against a secret Communist plot they believe to be the work of a Jewish cabal that Shirer would go 'Yep, totally fine. Not like 1930s Germany at all. I bet those black people complaining about being shot are the read fascists' ?

SM said...

Bella is a very naive young lady. She's deleted large amounts of tweets she put out during the Euros in reference to the taking of the knee and BLM. Like many others, she chose to discredit/ignore what the England manager/players had to say about the matter. Considering she is a parliamentary aide some of the stuff she has put out on Twitter and subsequently deleted is a sackable offence for me. She clearly doesn't want to make it in politics all of this stuff will come back and bite her hard. I see someone tagged her boss, it seems like she's toned down her tweets and doesn't mention BLM anymore. I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

She is not even remotely naive. It might be worth investigating her connection to the Stowe School (where a certain Anthony Wallersteiner is Headmaster, and Bella herself attended as a student)...