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Thursday 13 August 2020

Ben And Jerry’s Plus Femi Equals Racism

No doubt those involved will claim it is mere coincidence that a row over people who are not white crossing the Channel in overcrowded inflatables has resulted in a group of overwhelmingly white Brexiteers on one side, and one pro-EU campaigner who is not white on the other. Surely it is only about FREEZE PEACH? I mean, wanting that mythical national sovereignty back can’t be racist in any way at all. Or can it?

Femi Oluwole

Firstly, consider the background: the corporate Twitter feed for Ben and Jerry’s UK chided our supposed Home Secretary Priti Patel over her attitude to those so desperate that they have paid a significant part of their savings in exchange for a place in an inflatable boat, so they can cross the Channel to the UK. Femi Oluwole has stood with Ben and Jerry’s.

So it began, one Tweeter whose bio included “#NoMasks #Brexit #Trump #ALM” moaning “What benefit is [Femi Oluwole] to this country he’s 29 and never had a job? He’s just an activist”. Ever ask that about Darren Grimes or Tom Harwood? No, thought not. Alan Ahern (“Londoner (when London was an English city) - Despise animal cruelty. Watford FC. Anti EU and PC bollocks. Atheist. #brexit”) added “And, right on schedule, another bandwagon for Femi to jump on to. How ironic that he shows his support for a company which treats their migrant workers so badly”. Like he cares about migrant workers.

One Tweeter whose bio includes “Keen Brexiteer and patriot … All Brexiteers matter” sniped “Femi has an incredible record of being on the wrong side of absolutely everything. Fair play to him”. David Brady (“All Lives Matter”) added “Femi stands with Unilever, deforeststion [sic], migrant worker exploitation, tax evasion. All because the woke marketing dept for an ice cream subsidiary virtue signalled about illegal immigrants”.

Phil I’Anson (claims Covid-19 killed less than a “bad flu winter”) was also on the migrant worker temporary sympathy bandwagon: “Yeah that’s fine just ignore this”. John Bell (“Political activist. Member of Conservative Party”) observed “Ben & Jerry's Useful Idiot stands with the exploiters of migrant labour”. Almost like an organised pile-on.

Brexiteers suddenly like the Guardian!

And so it went on, with Sam Murray (“Brexiteer Tory. Thatcherite”) weighing in with “They aren't going to hire you Femi, just go and get a job FFS”. This was the same line trotted out by a “Mum … Brexiteer” who exclaimed “Femi!!!! Now I know where you went after your failed EU romp, glad you have a job at Ben n Jerry's, it's better than nothing I guess”.

Did any of them bother to ask what Femi is doing right now work wise? Or did they just decide that the black bloke must be unemployed because he had enough time to pose with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and they couldn’t be arsed looking further? It was the kind of thought that taxed Will Black sufficiently to ask the obvious question.

As ironic as I find it seeing lots of aggressive ranters who can barely write calling law graduate ‘thick’, I can't help noticing that they are ALL white. If Britain was as full of diversity as they claim, why is it only white men attacking Femi? A real mystery”. Well, there are a few women in there too, but his point stands.

White Brexiteers attacking a black man for defending black and brown people? Maybe it’s another of those unfortunate coincidences. More likely it’s more unfortunate racism.

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Frozen Banana Stand said...

... and all because the Priti doesn't like dismay.

Simon said...


Once again Newsthump is right on the line between satire and reality.

Anonymous said...

So, the twat signallers want to help migrant workers by ending the depredations of capital? I don't think they've thought this through.

Anonymous said...

Brexiteers need to be reminded they are no patriots. They are Britain-hating traitors. They have voted to reduce Britain's global influence and power. They have voted for a third-world economy, which no other nation wants to invest in. Britain is now reduced to going around with a begging bowl, looking for trade deals that will never match what we had before. They have voted to make us subservient to the US and their corporate greed. Thanks to them, Britain now resembles the last days of Rome before its fall.

I see no future but civil unrest, with fingers pointing at those unthinking Brexiteers who reduced Britain to this sad state.