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Saturday 22 August 2020

Farage Migrant Hotel Claim FAKE NEWS

Alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is not the only political layabout on the scene: there is also Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, currently being chauffeured around the country in pursuit of scary brown and black people staying in hotels who might have been placed there temporarily after applying for asylum in the UK. His travels have now taken him to north west England.

The modus operandi is not dissimilar to that employed when Mr Thirsty rocked up recently at the Rivenhall Hotel on the A12 between Witham and Kelvedon: he arrives, finds that there are some people who are not white in the vicinity, shoots his mouth off about how terrible the situation is, and the hotel is them blacklisted by the Gammonati.

In the case of the Rivenhall Hotel, those staying there were moved after his visit and the place is now facing financial ruin. At the Britannia Daresbury in Cheshire, the less than tolerant For Britain party demonstrated outside. The usual claims about designer trainers, iPhones, handouts and attacks on locals followed close behind.

But when Nige arrived at the Mercure Woodhey House Hotel in Ellesmere Port, he got it completely wrong. That may be why he is not advertising the video of the visit on his Twitter feed. But the enterprising people at Cheshire Live have provided a transcript.

Witnesses say he did not even get out of the car … Mr Farage said in the video as he pulled up outside the Mercure: ‘You don’t have to travel very far around the North West to get hotel after hotel that is closed. And one of the reasons I’m doing this - I want people to get a handle on the sheer scale of what is going on here … So here we are - classic with all the others we’ve seen - car park completely, all the bedroom windows open, which means people are there. They’re in’” Classic totally made up, more like.

Farage did not even bother to check - he just decided he’d found another hotel stuffed with asylum applicants. But as Cheshire Live revealed, “Despite his claims, Cheshire West and Chester Council confirmed the hotel is being used ‘to accommodate homeless households’”. Their journalist took the time to visit and talk to those staying at the hotel.

Cheshire Live has visited the site and the occupants themselves confirmed everyone was homeless including one young woman from Northwich who said she lost her home in a house fire”. Justin Madders, the local MP, who also spoke to those at the hotel, and others, told “We had a meeting with the council and residents about the Mercure last night and whilst there are issues, there was no suggestion from anyone that ‘illegal immigrants’ were staying there. Fake news from what I can see”. Farage caught with trousers alight!

There was also a quote from the local council: “Cheshire West and Chester Council is only using the Woodhey House Hotel in Ellesmere Port to accommodate homeless households”. Nigel Farage got this one totally wrong. So where is the prominently displayed retraction and apology on his Twitter feed? Oh dear, there isn’t one.

Nigel Farage - closing down the leisure sector one hotel at a time. What a complete shit.

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Anonymous said...

You can guarantee there's one city in the north west Flap Lip won't "visit" (unless incognito).

Because he'd be run out by the seat of his kecks inside five minutes.

Anonymous said...

He's right most of the time, unlike some . .. ...

Anonymous said...



He's FAR right. Like all racist tory gammon cunts.

ActonMan said...

So what if an otherwise empty hotel is housing asylum seekers? 'You're wrong, these are our own home grown homeless, none of those invading foreigners!' I'd confront Farage on his basic campaign rather than him getting it 'wrong' in one particular case.

Anonymous said...

Farage is not a Tory, and the most successful politician of his era, Blair excepted.

Jez Box said...

Farage - What a complete shit.

Aint that the truth.

Anonymous said...

You're lying again: Brexit party: Farage seeks election pact with Conservatives https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/08/brexit-party-farage-seeks-election-pact-with-conservatives

Farage is the most succesful politician of his era to the same extent that Jim Jones was the most successful of his.

Anonymous said...

Farage isn't fit to lace Enoch Powell's steel toe-capped boots. And Powell was a complete cunt.

Sam said...

"designer trainers, iPhones, handouts" Always a favorite of the Asylum Seeker Hate Mob who must think these desperate folk visit the Louis Vuitton and Gucci Boutiques in Paris on their way through rather than the dozens of markets and street stalls selling cheap knock-offs.