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Thursday 13 August 2020

Priti Patel Migrant Dead Cat No Shock Horror

The UK has suffered the highest Covid-19 death toll of any European nation, the track and trace app was a shambolic waste of money, hundreds of millions have been spent on PPE that isn’t fit for purpose, the economy has been hit harder than any other in the G7, the long-delayed Russia Report showed the extent to which London has become a laundromat for dirty money. And so the latest Tory dead cat was slung on the table.

Who was the bringer of this ex-feline? Step forward supposed Home Secretary Priti Patel, who has done away with the idea of nuance and subtlety, and gone straight for the less than totally coherent right-wing populist rant, as Steven Swinford of the Times has noted today. “Patel Patel told Tory MPs the asylum system is ‘broken’ and said she will be bringing forward new laws that will ‘send the left into meltdown’”.

Oh goody. The test of a good law is how many Rotten Lefties™ can be triggered by its introduction. And there’s more. “She said the system is being exploited by ‘leftie-supporting lawyers’ and also criticised ‘judicial activism’”. Lawyers being instructed by their clients, and Judges interpreting the laws that Governments like hers have put on the statute book is somehow A Very Bad Thing Indeed. Can it get worse? Sadly, it can.

Swinford again: “new laws to reform the asylum system which will be met with strong opposition. The ‘fair borders bill’ is intended to stop cases being drawn out”. That’s “fair” as used by Astroturf lobby groups like the so-called Taxpayers’ Alliance. Oh, and look out, here’s a follow-on dead cat aimed at those ghastly foreigners.

Priti Patel also made clear that Britain will not pay extra money to France to help stem the flow of migrants until it agrees to take back more of them. She said Britain has already given France significant sums to tackle crisis & said it needs to use existing resources”. To whom do the French authorities answer? Hint: it ain’t Ms Patel.

Swinford’s Times article is paywalled, but Mail Online has already lifted the story (see how that works, Rupe?) and revealed that Ms Patel’s latest initiative came “In a Zoom call with hardline backbenchers”. But the reality was that “In Dover on Thursday morning more suspected migrants arrived on Border Force's patrol boat Speedwell. They were taken ashore by immigration officials where they will be assessed for symptoms of coronavirus, as is protocol … 71 migrants arrived in the UK on Wednesday, travelling aboard six boats”.

But not to worry, Ms Patel has a “Clandestine Channel Threat Commander” who has put his foot down with a firm hand and let it be known that “These crossings are dangerous and unnecessary and I am determined to stop them … We will continue to go after the heinous criminals and organised crime networks putting people's lives at risk”.

Like everything else, the Tories blame someone else for their inability to reform the immigration and asylum system to their liking, despite having been in power for the past ten years. Judges, lawyers, Rotten Lefties™, the French, the EU, activists, people who read the Guardian and FT, the BBC, Channel 4 - it was someone else wot done it.

Everyone’s out of step bar the Tories. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another far right tory creep creeps even further toward overt fascism.

Patel is a particularly ugly example.

Don't kid yourself this cold insanity is going to stop.

Rosie said...

Excellent as ever. Patel is supported by Hastings MP, Sally Anne Hart, in her determination to divert attention from a multiplicity of Government failings by training the spotlight on fragile asylum seekers floating about the channel in equally fragile boats; a humanitarian scandal and measure of conservative cruelty. La Hart, former magistrate, who lives comfortably in a £1.5 million house in Udimore near Rye, when not being investigated (and let off the hook) for re tweeting anti semitic remarks and posting upticks from Nazis, is often found these days promoting Naval intervention on C4 News or Paddy 'O' Connell's 9am 'news' show, where she was interviewed along with former Navy Admiral West. On top of her brief as ever, Hart failed to challenge O'Connel when he claimed that Britain was being asked to pay £34 nillion to France for their cooperation. "That's rather a lot of money" opined Hart-less. O'Connell had meant to say £millions. West meanwhile was full of vim and gusto in his admirable blimp persona- ready to take on allcomers in Naval vessels, and referencing the good old days when Jews on their way to Palestine from Europe after escaping the Holocaust, were intercepted and sent to prisoner of war camps by the naval fleet. "It''ll be just like 1947 said the sea lord, gruffly (or was it bluffly?). An unfortunate reminder of anti jewish migration policies perpetrated by the British, that had the potential to sour relations between the Home Office and the new Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St James.Not that Hart understood, as her grasp of history as about as good as her grasp of
morality. During the Hastings hustings at the eneral Election she went around promoting the idea that disabled people should earn less that able bodied.

Martin Read said...

'Priti is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.'

Apologies to Dorothy Parker.

Anonymous said...

And the benefit of these migrants to the UK is what exactly?

Anonymous said...

@18.35 that they will undoubtedly arrive with and be prepared to contribute more skills and usefulness to the U.K. than you have ever managed to do in your Miserable pittance of a lifetime

Land of Hopeless Tories said...

... and the benefit to the UK of a new born baby is what?

Anonymous said...

So a Home Secretary wants to bring in laws simply on the basis that it will piss off more than half the country, yet the Mail and Express mouth breathers will lap it up........until they suddenly find out that the law, its interpretation, and (reduced) availability applies to everyone

Anonymous said...

They'll do the jobs the British are too lazy or snobbish to do. That's why Brits are so fat - because of their laziness.

Anonymous said...

@ 18:35.

The same benefits migrants (in this case actually refugees from US/UK inflicted mass murders) brought to Britain over the last two thousand years. And to North, Central and South America over the last four centuries.

But I don't expect racist morons like you to understand that.

Jonathan said...

Looking forward to the release of the report into Priti's bullying of staff,apparently it's being delayed ..
With an impending employment tribunal by her former Permanent Secretary over accusations of constructive dismissal ..
Could be a highly expensive autumn for the government of they buy off staff ..
Lies are beginning to catch up with the Tories.