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Monday 3 August 2020

Sarah Vine’s Gaslighting Death Wish

The Coronavirus pandemic refuses to go away, the infections have not stopped, and the death toll continues to mount, albeit more slowly than at the height of the outbreak. So alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his pals have been considering ways to get the economy moving, while keeping those most at risk safely tucked away. And one idea has been to isolate the over-50s.
But here a problem enters: that would mean severely impacting the amount of tax coming in to the Exchequer, not to mention accusations of hypocrisy, given most of the cabinet fall into that category. So it seems a little gaslighting was in order, and who better to perform the task than singularly unappealing over-50 columnist Sarah “Vain” Vine.
So it was that she told her adoring followers “We all have to die sooner or later. If I get Covid and cop it, so be it. My time has come. I'll have had a good life, better than most in this world at any rate. I certainly don't expect the entire nation to bankrupt itself to save my sorry ass”, revealing that it really was just about the money. And an absence of modesty.
One Tweeter was swift to point out “Just so we're clear, this is Sarah Vine's ‘do not resuscitate’ tweet”, while Alex Andreou pointed out the obvious flaw in Ms Vine’s schtick: “It’s not for someone who works from home is happy to increase risk for the people who deliver her shopping, collect her trash and will have to treat her if she becomes ill. It’s quite a simple point, really. She is happy with more risk, because she won’t be the one taking it”.
As to her priorities, Mike Galsworthy, who you can tell as he’s a doctor, responded “Sarah Vine & colleagues are entirely welcome to their virus-take-the-hindmost death cult, so long as it’s not imposed upon those who do not wish to participate … most people subscribe to a healthier logic:- that defeating the virus is the route to save the economy”, while the Spiller of Tea had a dose of reality to administer: “I love the way these fucking cretins frame dying of Covid like it’s just peacefully slipping away in your sleep rather than a drawn-out and agonising process of suffocating to death”.
Back with those priorities, Deirdre Heenan mused “Sarah Vine things one *shouldn’t* bankrupt the nation for: preventing spread of global pandemic and keeping people alive … Sarah Vine things one *should* bankrupt the nation for: blue passports”. To which Alexis Harrow added “Sarah Vine and Michael Gove are dead cats to distract algorithms and discourse away from the FACT that a Tory MP and minister has been accused of rape”.
As to healthcare, Miffy Buckley reminded us “Sarah Vine, her children & her ghastly husband will have access to the best private healthcare in the country”. Snigs Kitchen observed “Nothing to see here. Just Sarah Vine, the partner of a cabinet minister, trying to normalise the unnecessary premature deaths of people due to Covid-19”.
Alice Lowe, meanwhile, had a surreal thought: “if Sarah Vine dies from Covid she will be the first person to write an article complaining about it”. And Henry Mance of the FT was ready with the coup de grace: “We all have to read Sarah Vine's tweets sooner or later. My time has come. I've had a good life, better than most in this world at any rate. I certainly don't expect Twitter to censor itself to save my sorry ass”.

Sarah Vine’s gaslighting has notched up another Tory failure. No change there, then.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Tory voters they can kill before Christmas? Judging by all the Telegraph twitterers who think - in direct contravention of the entire medical community - that covid isn't a big deal it looks like we'll be copying Florida and killing a big chunk of older conservatives.

Am guessing that while the Donald lot will blame Dems blocking their magic medicine, the Tory party here will blame the NHS* and say the nurses were all busy on Tik Tok rather than admitting the truth.

*they've already tried to blame Muslims, so watch how the anti-NHS stories get cranked up before the end of the year.

ashie said...

She hasn't had a good life. She's had a particularly nasty life, full of bile and bitterness.

Anonymous said...

Vine normally does this shit when she's promoting her latest piece of pointlessly contrarian drivel so why has she provided no link to her column, 'Pubs won't serve me when I'm drunk but Macdonalds continues to serve Allison Pearson: It's not fair'?

Simon said...

So she says she's had a better life than most in this world? Depending on current UN population figures, I'd still place her at least 7,000,000,000th on the list of living people I'd swap my life with.

cbfruk said...

Well Miss Vine, die then, see if we care...
How much more of this despicable and ignorant attitude are we going to tolerate from this people?! They are totally disconnected from the real world. Like this government she has no understanding of the gravity of this virus and the suffering it has forced upon us all. She should be banned from social media’s.

Martin Read said...

Wow! Egalitarian Sarah, laying her life on the line. Without two ha'pennies to rub together how will the poor lady manage to keep herself safe?W

Quick lemmings, to the cliff! But which one?

Anonymous said...

I had to go to A&E today, no one there expect me and the victim! If coronavirus patients aren't being hospitalised why all the fuss? Are we going to close down everytime there's a sniffle doing the rounds?