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Thursday 5 September 2019

Tories Admit They Cannot Renegotiate Brexit

As the Tories’ press pals try desperately to deflect readers’ attention to the Labour Party, or indeed anywhere away from alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his chief polecat Dominic Cummings, the reality is becoming clearer: The Blue Team and their pals have been lying to the public, lying to their European counterparts, and worst of all, they have probably been lying to the courts.
The lying has been going on for more than a month now, and shows no sign of stopping any time soon. It began with luminaries like Michael “Oiky” Gove, as the BBC reported early last month. “Cabinet minister Michael Gove says the EU ‘seem to be refusing to negotiate with the UK’ over a new Brexit deal … Mr Gove, who is responsible for no-deal planning, said he was ‘deeply saddened’ that Brussels was, in his words, saying ‘no, we don't want to talk’”. Gove’s pants were well and truly alight.
A complete Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street

We know this as Bloomberg told yesterdaySenior EU officials, including chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, briefed the ambassadors of the bloc’s 27 governments in Brussels today, reaffirming talks are at an impasse and that Johnson’s envoy David Frost has promised but failed again to deliver concrete proposals”.
It got worse. “The bloc only knows what U.K doesn’t want, one of the diplomats said. The EU is trying to work out whether the U.K. doesn’t have a plan, has a plan still in the works, or has a plan but is not ready to present it”. So “the EU27 will now focus their energy on no-deal preparations”. Then came the rumoured lying to the courts.
SNP MP Joanna Cherry has told of “Thread from [Jolyon Maugham] explaining info he & I have received from reliable sources about skulduggery by Johnson, Cummings, Da Costa & their lackeys to hide real reasons for [prorogation] from the public, parliament & the courts”. You can see Maugham’s complete thread HERE.
Clive Wismayer has elaborated on this theme: “It is being said in the Scottish proceedings that: 1 the govt. has fabricated false docs. to try to prove the decision to prorogue later than it was & 2 civil servants were asked to verify these fake docs by affidavit (i.e. asked to perjure themselves) but refused. Hence the govt. produced at the last minute a fistful of redacted documents not verified by witness statement. This, if true, is extremely serious and very probably criminal”. Peter Jukes has spelt out what this means.
We need to know if and why senior civil servants Da Costa and Sedwill refused to sign court affidavits over reasons for prorogation. You cannot deceive a British court, even if you are in Number 10. No one is above the law”. And certainly not Bozo and Dom.
On top of that, the Guardian’s Lisa O’Carroll has now revealed that “Government admits it cannot renegotiate Brexit unless EU re-opens [the Withdrawal Agreement] … ‘The government is committed to leaving on 31 Oct whatever circs, we would prefer to do this with a deal, but to achieve this the EU needs to agree to be willing to re-open the withdrawal agreement’ - [Stephen] Barclay”. Finally the Tories admit it.
The EU said the Withdrawal Agreement would not be reopened. The Tories then knew there could be no renegotiation. But on they went, blaming the EU for not talking, rather than admitting that the reason for no talks was because there couldn’t be any without reopening the Withdrawal Agreement, and that in any case they hadn’t bothered to make any proposals to the EU in the first place. They lied about that, too.
How bad the lies might be has been hinted at by Kevin Pascoe: “So now we have Cummings, Johnson - and their aides - allegedly using untraceable ‘burner’ mobiles and encrypted messaging to avoid evidence requests by the courts or FOI requests. They operate like drug dealers and not a Government”. No more questions, m’Lud.

This Government cannot renegotiate Brexit. They have finally admitted it. And the lying, if it does indeed extend to the courts, could soon come back to bite them. Good thing too.
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Anonymous said...

They're lying to themselves too. It's the only place left to go.

A bit like the dog days of the Blair-Brown rump.

But they refuse to hate themselves so they hate everyone else, particularly opponents.

The oldest story in the world.

Jonathan said...

There should be no surprises as to the skullduggery of these narcissists, karma has a habit of coming back to bite those caught lying.

Mark said...

Are we sure BoJo's political hero is Churchill and not, in actual fact, Nixon?

Anonymous said...

Swear to God this is true...Fraser Nelson, as usual lemon wedged firmly in his arse, just described Bozo as (no, really) "A great orator."

The fucking lunatics have taken over the fucking asylum.

Pendragon said...

There can be no deal waiting for Johnson at the European Council (EC) meeting on Thursday 17 October.

If Johnson wants to re-negotiate a Withdrawal Agreement (WA) without a backstop he can only do this by requesting Michel Barnier to re-open negotiations. Johnson and his newspaper allies are giving the impression that he can go over Barnier's head and ask the 27 national leaders who make up the EC. The EC doesn't work like that.

Briefly it works like this....

Johnson tells Barnier he wants to negotiate a WA without a backstop.

Just suppose that the EC would agree to a re-negotiation. Barnier does not have the power to agree or disagree to this. He has to ask the un-elected European Commission to produce new negotiating guidelines.

These guidelines then have to be approved by 27 elected leaders who make up the EC at their meeting on Thursday 17 October.

Then the negotiations with Barnier, the EU's Chief Negotiator, can start.

If---and it's a mighty big if---Johnson gets what he wants and the negotiations proceed quickly, Barnier will submit his report to the next meeting of the EC which is on Tuesday 12 December for their approval.

Richard North explains all in his blog post:


Political Refugee from the Global Village said...

This post did not age well.