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Monday 2 September 2019

Apprentice Winner Duped By Racist Bigot

After the loathsome Toby Young was caught yesterday sympathising with the plight of amateur comedy kidnapper Daniel Thomas, who was correctly identified as a far right infiltrator by those at an anti-no deal Brexit protest on Saturday, others have been suckered into taking a similar stance. Tobes was followed by (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, and now has come a minor Slab to complete the unfortunate triumvirate.
Michelle Dewberry

That Sleb is former Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry, who has made plain her pro-Brexit stance, to the extent of standing as an independent pro-Brexit candidate in the last General Election, where she at least saved her deposit. “There is so much here which deeply troubles me and in fact should trouble us all. Does anyone have any further context to this video?” she asked, after seeing Danny Tommo’s supposed plight.
Do Apprentice winners not have access to the mystical art known as “five minutes’ Googling”? Was she unable to check out the original Tweet? Had she done so, she would have found several replies stating clearly that it was Danny Tommo, that he was an unrepentant criminal, that he is still under investigation for an incident during Stephen Lennon’s Warrington campaign event where a woman protester was violently assaulted and had her nose broken, and that he wasn’t a “Leave voter” at all.
That last was because Danny Tommo was in jail when the referendum took place. Moreover, the Twitter account Ms Dewberry had cited had already mentioned Thomas, telling its followers “Prominent Tommy Robinson Supporter [Danny Tommo] Goes Undercover At Anti Brexit Protest. ‘What do we do with brexiteers? Gas them. Fight nazi with nazi … Austwich [sic] for leavers’”. Which was a fake.
This is because the alleged “Remainer” making those statements was in fact a plant. Still, there was always “Remainers Burning The Union Flag. Sad”. This was also a fake: the flag-burning was from a protest in Argentina, and was then superimposed on a London background. Then we get to the blatant racism.
A couple of potential doctors Culturally enrich pair of probable far right nazis, on a train in England” tells the far right Tweeter. Yes, the incident in the video is on a train in England - in the West Midlands, in fact. It shows a violent altercation involving four people. The ones who are described as “potential doctors” are black. It’s a huge neon sign telling anyone looking in that the holder of that account is a nailed-on racist bigot.
It’s an intolerant racist bigot, too: “Remainers March On Buckingham Palace. Waving The Flag Of A Foreign Power, They Demand That Our Queen Reverse The Decision Of The Prime Minister. Traitors,Every Last One Of Them … Getting a few remainers and lefties commenting on my stuff this morning. I can’t [sic] arsed  today, I'm blocking them all. Like rats, you get one and pretty soon it turns into an infestation. To be clear I do  believe in free speech, just not for you on my wall. Fucking losers”.
What a pleasant chap. And that is who conned Toby Young and Nadine Dorries. And also duped Michelle Dewberry. Then they wonder why people think they’re stupid.

The Twitter apprentice show would already have reached its conclusion. You’re fired.
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Anonymous said...

Austwich for leavers
A town just outside Crewe?

Anonymous said...

Well in, there, thebabyseagull.

It always helps to identify you as an erstwhile Nazi.

Unknown said...

Do you happen to know the plant in the Tommo video? He seems familiar but can't place him