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Friday 27 September 2019

Cummings Death Blackmail OUT OF ORDER

Few Parliamentary advisors have generated more hostility, more resentment than Dominic Cummings, chief polecat to alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. And Dom’s latest exhibition of inexcusably bad behaviour has demonstrated why he should never have been given the job in the first place.
After Bozo The Clown was rebuffed by the Supreme Court in his attempt to prorogue Parliament for a whole five weeks, there were angry scenes in the Commons as he persisted in using terms such as “Surrender Bill” and “Betrayal”. Bozo then told the 1922 Committee that he would carry on using those terms, because it was “Cutting through”.

Meanwhile, MPs, mainly on the Labour side, were suffering threats and harassment by those echoing Bozo’s words. It was not rocket science to see the connection, especially after Bozo referring to Muslim women wearing the Burqa as looking like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers” was followed by a spike in hate crime - against Muslims.
So it was that Polecat Dom was confronted by Kingston upon Hull East MP Karl Turner in Portcullis House. As Rowena Mason of the Guardian told, “More on Labour MP Karl Turner confronting Dominic Cummings in Portcullis house just now. Turner said the PM's language was unacceptable and whipping up hatred, causing MPs to get more death threats overnight (including himself). Cummings response? ‘Well vote for a deal then.’

Nice political career you’ve got there, be a pity if something were to happen to it. But if you know which way to vote, Squire, well, there won’t be a problem, will there? Do as my boss wants and you’ll be safe. In the meantime he’ll keep talking about the “surrender deal”.

But as Arieh Kovler pointed out, “How are MPs supposed to vote for a deal? The Government has not proposed a deal. There's no deal to vote for that the Government is willing to propose”. Bozo and his pal Stephen Barclay have so far put no credible proposal to the EU’s negotiators. Worse, it’s clear Cummings views this as just another game.
In a rare public appearance last night, he crowed “We are enjoying this, we are going to leave and we are going to win”, going on to claim with a significant amount of brass neck that pro-Remain MPs had become “really badly disconnected “ from what people in what he called the “real world” outside London were thinking.

Like Cummings, who paid more than £1.6 million in cash for his London house and hundreds of thousands more rebuilding its two storey extension - including the Tapestry room - knows what people outside London think. Perhaps he has encountered some of them while travelling to and from his in-laws’ castle in Northumberland.
Cummings comes over all coy as he talks about Remainers “listening to reason”, but his remarks show what he’s at: bending the politicians who have to face the public to his will by riling up enough of that public against them. He says it is not surprising people are angry, while ignoring his role, and that of Bozo The Clown, in making sure they’re angry.

Just how much he cares about the potential for collateral damage is summed up by the Telegraph’s headline “Cummings: what do MPs expect?” He doesn’t care about death threats, so long as he gets his way. And that is totally out of order.
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Jeff Pickthall said...

Tim, have you read "The Authoritarians" by Prof Bob Altemeyer? I strongly urge you to do so. I fear Altemeyer's book - written as a warning - is being used by the likes of Cummings and Bannon as an instruction manual on how to rile up and gain the support of right-wing wing authoritarians. This is hellishly dangerous stuff.


Anonymous said...

In answer to the torygraph and similar muck from Murdoch/Rothermere goons and their allies in broadcast media:

We do not expect anything more than we get from the corrupt far right lot of you. Nor do we expect to see decency and fairness restored in Britain.

We DO expect to see repeats of the lies, hypocrisy and moral cowardice we see from you each day. And if this country is collectively insane enough to vote the tories back into government we DO expect matters to get worse. MUCH, MUCH worse. All of it underpinned by you lickspittles in press and broadcast media.

If you want to see where we go after that re-read the history of Europe circa 1900-1945. After all, people like you helped bring about that horror too.

Jonathan said...

Ah the Polecat pops his head out into public, to offer more Steve Bannon copybook doublespeak.

As Rachel Johnson, erstwhile sister of the blonde incredible,sulking, narcissistic sociopath let the cat out of the bag on WATO yesterday.

Boris is being driven on by Polecat and his Disaster Capitalist friends from the Crooked Mile.
There is no deal on offer to Parliament, Stephen Barclay is just trying to waste time in Brussels in the hope the EU gets fed up.
Except with the EU, they are professional diplomats, have war gamed Bozza's strategy and know he isn't serious nor should be treated seriously.
Come the 19th October, it gets serious, the Oppostion United in their lack of confidence in this government have boxed Bozza and his chief Polecat into an ever tightening box.

Oppostion MPs are being daily subjected to death threats against them personally and their loved ones, all Polecat does is smirk, like the Joker.

Except this isn't 1930s Nazi Germany, but the UK in 2019, hurtling towards a totalitarian state where oppostion and democracy become outlawed by the authoritarian Conservative government.
As Sam Cooke famously sang 'Change is coming', Bozza and his chief Polecat will be swept from power to face their angry supporters when a No Deal Brexit lies in tatters.

It's time Cummings and other SPADs were made accountable to Parliament, with Parliament given powers to impose fines or to refer to the CPS for prosecution...

James said...

Does Cummings have power ? Certainly, however, a understanding of history demonstrates that Karma can be a bitch. He will get his one day.

Mark said...

His closing comment, which the BBC decided not to subtitle for its viewers, also appeared to be "you should be in a ditch"

Anonymous said...

If Turner had put the head in......I most certainly would have been in the "no officer, he clearly walked into that lamppost whist texting" camp

Anonymous said...

He crapped himself when Turner got in his face.

Also this turned up a couple of hours ago. ( Twitter?)

One of Britain’s most senior constitutional judges & former Lord Justice of Appeal & - interestingly - Dominic Cummings’ uncle Sir John Laws, has stated that Boris Johnson would go to prison if he ignored the law on carrying out the law relating to Brexit extension.