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Monday 23 September 2019

Julia Hartley Dooda In The Dooda

After campaigner Jolyon Maugham succeeded in prevailing upon the Mail on Sunday to desist from doxxing him on its front page yesterday, it was inevitable that there would be some who would feign support for him not to be targeted by death threats, but would try and do the doxxing themselves anyway. And to no surprise at all, one of those was tedious self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer.
Ms Hartley Dooda had been whining about her being banned from this year’s Labour Party Conference, responding to the party exhorting everyone to be “part of the action” by sniping “I can’t be part of ‘the action’, you banned me from coming”, before reminding the world why she was banned: “Has anyone found the Labour Party conference ‘safe space’ yet? Asking for a friend”. Autism spectrum disorder dissed? Check!
But then came Maugham’s decision to instruct lawyers to lean on the MoS, and Ms Hartley Dooda was off and running. "Oh, would that be just the same as how you published *my* private address online, Jolyon? My sympathies... Not”. Except he didn’t.
Then she went for the doxxing: “I for one think it is absolutely disgusting for Jolyon Maugham QC to have revealed in a newspaper where Jolyon Maugham QC lives. I stand with Jolyon”. Laugh? I thought I’d never start. Maugham responded to the provocation.
In 2013, when I was not a public figure, I gave an interview to a local newspaper about my plans to restore a local heritage asset. [Julia Hartley Dooda] has now issued an open invitation to those sending me death threats to come and find me and my three young children at that isolated spot … What is the public interest in knowing the location of my family's home? Why, if there is one, did [Julia Hartley Dooda] wait until this week, when I have received death threats, to publish it? What, beyond maintaining  the only democratic institution in our constitution, is my sin?” What indeed.
As to her claim that he had doxxed her, “I am aware Julia Hartley Brewer has accused me of publishing her address. That is a simple lie. After she denied having avoided tax I posted a link to her company's published accounts. I did not identify the company's registered address as hers and had no idea where she lived”.
And then Ms Hartley Dooda realised that this could be a campaign that turns out not necessarily to her advantage. She deleted the Tweet that doxxed Maugham, thus demonstrating that no Murdoch goon is of perfect courage.
Why would she do that? Well, what Maugham also Tweeted was this snippet: “Please let [TalkRADIO] know what you think of their decision to give someone like this a continuing platform”. That was after Stop Funding Hate had said this about the MoS: “We'll be naming every company that advertises in tomorrow's Mail on Sunday & chooses to be complicit in this”. TalkRADIO doesn’t want to be on the end of that sort of campaign.
Did TalkRADIO lean on Ms Hartley Dooda? Or is she worried about losing her exceedingly well-remunerated berth? Or is she starting to realise that, sooner or later, egging on the Brexiteer mob might result in someone getting hurt, or worse?

And then Ms Hartley Dooda would really be in the Dooda. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why, when I became of of those 'million new businesses' that Cameron used to crow about at PMQs through being made redundant from my old job of many years, I was advised to use a holding address rather than my personal address for the location of my registered office.

Anonymous said...

Hartley Spewer might have realised by now it's better for her to stay shtum as a suspected moron than open her mouth and prove it.

And if she's half the "public figure" she alleges why doesn't she do something about the awful split ends in her comedy 1947 hair-do?

What a gimp.