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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Sarah Vine - A Nation Fails To Mourn

Who will be judged to have suffered the most as a result of Young Dave’s time in 10 Downing Street? Will it be the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people, many with disabilities, who had their benefits cut or even removed completely? Will it be those at the bottom of the pile forced to take jobs on zero hours contracts, who now get no paid holidays? Or perhaps it will be those reduced to living on the streets.
Sarah Vine

Many people have good reason to look back on the Cameron premiership as a dark period in our recent history, not least for his disastrous mistake of thinking he could subject the UK to six years of grim austerity and then win a referendum on EU membership - given that his opponents were all too ready to (wrongly) blame that austerity on Brussels.

But one poor soul wants us to know that the greatest casualty of the Cameron era is Herself Personally Now. Sarah “Vain” Vine (for it is she) has taken out her king-sized onion and blubbered her way through two pages of today’s Daily Mail to make sure anyone not yet asleep knows that she suffered greatly. And so did her husband.

We are told of “Two families utterly intertwined. Holidays, triumphs and crises shared for 20 years - until Brexit”. This means Ms Vine is a really, really important person. Because she goes on holidays with really, really important people. Like her husband.

She says of Young Dave’s memoirs (out this week, apparently) “In particular, he has laid bare his disappointment with Michael's decision to follow his heart on the EU referendum, instead of sticking to the party line”. By “follow his heart”, she means “follow the instructions from that nice Mr Murdoch who has him by the short hairs”.

There is more. “Dave's feelings, like many of those who argued for Remain, are all the more powerful because, I suspect, he and others didn't appreciate how strongly many people, including my husband, felt”. Or how strongly Rupe put the arm on “Oiky” Gove. But do go on. “That once the referendum question had been put to them, they had no choice but to do what they thought was right”. Or what they’d been told was right.

We see this priceless paragraph: “I myself struggled with the decision to back Leave [until she realised that being a Daily Mail pundit demanded it], not least because my own family is firmly rooted in Europe: my parents live there, my brother is in Spain and I grew up in Italy. Europe may not be in my blood, but it is very close to my heart, a deep and indelible part of my cultural DNA [not as deep as keeping the paycheques coming in, though]”.

And although it is clear that the Camerons have effectively ended their friendship with the Goves, Ms Vine really, really wants to be let back in to that particular fold. “DC's anger is understandable and he is entitled to express it however he sees fit. That said, I still believe it should be possible to disagree fundamentally on political issues and remain friends”.

She sniffs about “the last time I saw Dave, back in February 2016. But, by then, it was already too late. Politics and its corrosive influence had driven a wedge between us … It was not always that way. Dave and Samantha were guests at our wedding in France in 2001”. It’s not her fault. She had sincerely held opinions, honestly. It’s all so unfair!

Sadly, taking the Murdoch and Rothermere shillings has consequences. Get over it, Ms V.
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mirandola said...

That piece is so delightfully bitchy I can see The Mail phoning you up and asking you to replace Sarah Vain.

Anonymous said...

An appalling woman appropriately married to an appalling man, both she and he appalling far right self-pitying dipshits.

Cameron?......He made four "mistakes" in the eyes of Murdoch/Rothermere and their goons:

1. He presided over Leveson 1, probably because he thought it would expose nothing. But it did.
2. He encouraged the independent Hillsborough Inquiry, probably because he thought it would expose nothing. But it did.
3. He presided over the Scottish Referendum, probably because he thought it would make no difference. But it did. (And who can forget his massive bollock-drop about "Effing tories".)
4. He presided over the EU referendum, probably because he thought it would make no difference. But it did, all while he suppoorted the losing side.

The cumulative unintended effect was to expose the sociopathic tories and their true nature of racism, thievery, corruption and corner shop mentality. Which was unforgivable to the subsidised Murdoch/Rothermere Axis and its goons.

Vine and Gove are willing cogs in an utterly corrupt machine. Cameron was a failed mechanic.

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 12:59

Excellent. All I have offer is that I wouldn't piss on either of them if they were on fire.

Mark said...

Anon, when you put it like that (well, parts 1 - 3 at least) I'm wondering if Dodgy Dave isn't actually the useless spunkbubble I always thought and is instead the most underrated PM of our time!

Jonathan said...

Wonder if Sarah 'Vain' Vine will be asking her husband if he's hiding the Black Swan report?