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Friday 6 September 2019

Bozo Appoints Another Bigot

Could it get worse for alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson? It certainly could, and this time by his own hand, through his own decision making process, or whatever passes for one in its absence. Bozo had the chance, with the appointment of a social justice advisor, to clear away the taint of white supremacism, casual bigotry and a variety of other prejudices. Instead, he has reinforced them all.
A total Muppet. And Elmo from Sesame Street
Wake up Monty, some idiot just gave you a job

Because his new social justice advisor is none other than the monumentally clueless Tim Montgomerie, co-founder of the Centre for Social Justice, out of which came the idea which became Universal Credit, the welfare reform which has given the well-off London media class the impression of cutting-edge reform, and Tories a nice warm feeling, while condemning the poor and vulnerable to yet harsher and more entrenched poverty.
Why it might not be such a brilliant idea to hire Monty was shown soon after Sebastian Payne of the FT told “Boris Johnson has hired influential Conservative writer Tim Montgomerie to be his social justice adviser. He'll be working out of the Cabinet Office, reporting to the PM and chancellor. Starting imminently”.
One particular Monty miscalculation was back in the spotlight almost at once: after he sneered “David Lammy makes Nigel Farage seem like a great unifier”, Musa Okwonga responded “Calling a black man who calls out the rise of white supremacy more divisive than Farage - who has attended a rally of the far-Right AFD - is as dangerous as it is calculatedly offensive. Enough. This is shameful”. He wasn’t wrong.
Also being rediscovered today is Monty’s support for Brett Kavanaugh: “For a lot of ppl on here, Justice Kavanaugh’s sin appears to be that he’s a white man”. Ah, the old non-existent trope of alleged anti-white racism. Otherwise known as right-wing victimhood.
There was also the tired trope of equating Marxism to what happened in Stalin’s Soviet Union: “And to those historical illiterates in Trier erecting a statue to Marx today here's [Douglas Murray] on the West's failure to remember the tens of millions of death caused by the ideology he spawned”. Citing Doug Murray The K - an Islamophobic bigot.
In January 2017, after Tristram Hunt resigned as a (nominally) Labour MP, he told “Neither politics nor Labour can afford to lose likes of [Tristram Hunt]. Lab's slow death should worry all democrats”. Soon afterwards, that dead party wiped out Theresa May’s majority.
And who can forget the casual anti-Semitism he dispensed towards now former Lib Dem MP Evan Harris? “Because I referred to [Evan Harris’] nickname of ‘Dr Death’ in SunTel he's sent me DMs accusing me of anti-Semitism” protested Monty. Not being able to get away with comparing a Jewish MP to a Nazi concentration camp doctor. Terrible, eh?
Small wonder that John Band, on reading that Monty was now Bozo’s social justice advisor, responded “He has also hired Gary Glitter to be his adviser for young people”. The Tweeter also known as the Spiller of Tea went further: “I look forward to the appointments of Katie Hopkins as Racial Equality Adviser, Rod Liddle as Women’s Rights Adviser, and Toby Young as Not Getting Humiliatingly Ratioed On Every Fucking Tweet Adviser”.

Anti-Semitism, white supremacism, and Christian fundamentalism? Hey - you’re hired!
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Jonathan said...

Oh I seem to remember Tim's sidekick Phillipa Stroud, announcing she was standing as a Tory candidate at a Christian Conference which her husband was Head honcho.
Not content with breaking charity law on political impartiality, she decided to tell great big whopping lies about Labour's welfare polices.

Steve Woods said...

Lest we forget: another co-founder of the alleged Centre for Social Justice is that well-known compassionate CONservative, Iain Duncan Smith.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant move by Doris. As if things are not already fucked up enough for him, Tim will certainly help finish it off. :-)