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Thursday 12 September 2019

Polecat Tells Mr Thirsty To Shove His Pact

The Brexit Party - or someone on their behalf - paid for a wrap-round to accompany yesterday’s edition of the joke newspaper claiming to be the Daily Express. This let readers know of “Farage: my election offer to Boris”. The offer was, more or less, that if alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson did what Nige wanted, then he would get the backing of his party. The blackmail was then spelt out.
Straight from the polecat's North and South
Squeaky directly told to piss off finger up the bum time

We are ready to back Prime Minister Boris Johnson against the Remainer alliance in a General Election”. Except there is no such thing as a Remainer alliance. But do go on. “To seal our non-aggression pact, Boris must back a clean-break Brexit and forget about recycling Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement”. That’s a No Deal Brexit. The kind that would result in months of chaos and years of economic decline.
There is, though, the tempting prospect “Together we can rout the Remainers and win a big majority in Parliament for Brexit and democracy”. Just how much democracy is achieved by having a party on around 15% in the polls tell a party on about twice that percentage what to do, is not told. But good of Nigel “Thirsty” Farage to show the world that he does not understand the meaning of the word “Negotiation”.
Would this have any effect, given Bozo The Clown’s child polecat Dominic Cummings detests Farage with a passion? “The Brexit Party have taken out a full wraparound advert on the front page of the Daily Express this morning offering Boris Johnson an election pact. Fair to say they are not messing about” observed Jack Blanchard of Politico.
But Jason Groves of the Daily Mail had bad news yesterday: “Boris Johnson rules out election pact with Brexit Party. Senior Tory source: ‘Neither Nigel Farage not Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government’”.
So began the wailing and gnashing of teeth, with James “Saviour of Western Civilisation” Delingpole lamenting “Boris dissing Farage is a stupid, unforced error”. Mr Thirsty himself added “Does the Downing Street spokesman want to play petty party politics or deliver on the wishes of 17.4 million people? It’s time they made up their minds”. Double delusion: that the 17.4 million all wanted No Deal, and that they all back him.
Mercenary Hack Isabel Oakeshott confirmed which party she supports: “In insulting [Nigel Farage] the Tory leadership insults millions of Leave voters who have lost faith in the Conservatives to deliver Brexit. A bewildering election strategy from a party in total disarray”. Nige, meanwhile, had rallied and was ready to fight back.
These look like comments from deep inside the bunker … 1. Arron Banks is not in The Brexit Party … 2. I do not want a job in government, I just want to put country before party and deliver a clean break Brexit”. Ms Oakeshott was right behind him: “Uh, Arron Banks has nothing to do with [the Brexit Party]. He’s not a donor and has no role, formal or informal with the party. A gauche smear attempt by no10”. Two things here.
One, Banksy is never far away where Mr Thirsty is concerned. And Two, good of Nige to confirm he wants power without responsibility. What would Stanley Baldwin have said?

Sorry Nige and friends, the Polecat has shut you out. Get over it.
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Paul Nolan said...

I'm sure if Farage's lot end up doing well in the next election and the Tories are just shy of a majority all will be forgiven... nothing these people say is to be believed, even their supposed enmities.

Arnold said...

: ‘Neither Nigel Farage not Arron Banks are fit and proper persons and they should never be allowed anywhere near government’”
Bozo didn't find that a problem.

ashie said...

But is not Cummings' dismissal part of his 5 dimensional (more complicated than 4 and don't even bother with 3) chess game, meaning that there will be a pact? But it will be so cunningly done that nobody will know it's happening - even those involved.

Sam said...

Boris could always re-call Parliament to deal with the Scottish judges decision which may or may not be overturned in a higher court but he's sort of wedged himself hasn't he?
This is what comes of playing fast and loose with democracy and using Parliament as your plaything (or allowing Cummings to).
It will all end in tears but surely Boris was always an accident waiting to happen.

Jonathan said...

Boy, who wanted to become King of the World, makes another promise, nobody believes apart from Laura Kussenberg and the team at Brexitcast.

Bozo would give Farage and his bunch of Fascists like Claire Fox the keys to the kingdom if it meant staying in power.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone with a functioning brain even consider voting for ANY of these protagonists?

mirandola said...

Here's confusion to your enemies. The Right in this country seem to be in total confusion and infighting and collapse.

The Left, somehow or other, still seems to be just about holding together.