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Friday 27 September 2019

Don’t Menshn Divorce

The Tory Party has some good news to celebrate: it seems that The Blue Team may have another potential candidate to stand for one of those seats to be vacated by MPs who are standing down, have been sacked, or have decided to defect to another party. Because one of the most ardent former Tory MPs could be heading back to the UK from her sojourn in the USA, to the relief of many Stateside who wished it had happened earlier.
Cooeee everyone! Look who's here!

Back in 2010, the marginal seat of Corby in Northamptonshire was won for the Tories by Louise Bagshawe, as she was then known. But two years later, and having become Louise Mensch, she threw in the towel to move with her kids to join new husband Peter Mensch in his Manhattan townhouse. From there, she managed to persuade the Murdoch mafiosi to first of all give her a column in the Sunday Sun, then give her her own website.

Heat Street enjoyed brief notoriety before the Murdochs finally lost patience with throwing significant amounts of money at it, and pulled the plug. So Ms Mensch, an appallingly immodest self-publicist with much to be modest about, had rather less to do, and for someone who lives with ADHD, that may not always be a good thing.

And from there, things went further downhill until the Daily Mail declared last yearCameron quitter Mensch 'splits up with her husband’”. But it was still in quote marks, with “a friend” filling in some of the blanks: “her former constituents will be bewildered to hear that her seven-year marriage has now apparently hit the rocks. 'They've split up,' claims one of their friends Novelist Louise, 46, and Mensch, 65, who shared a house in New York, are too discreet to comment”. But the courts system is not.

The Supreme Court Records On-Line Library, provided as part of the New York State Unified Courts System, tells not only that a split has happened, but that it is what is termed a “Contested Matrimonial”. Moreover, it seems that, as the case is now classified asDisposed”, that means the courts have finished with it. It’s over.
The court record shows that it was Peter Mensch who initiated the action, as he is shown as the Plaintiff. It also shows that we cannot view any of the documentation for the case, as it is blocked to enquiries. But we do know that there are updates to the record, one yesterday and another to come by close of business today.

Ms Mensch made a significant amount of money from her “chick-lit” books until quite recently; she may do so again. So she won’t be short of a few bob, but she will be short of something to do - until and unless the Tories offer her another seat. You think I jest? Stranger things have happened in the world of Tory politics.

Expect Louise Mensch to head back to the UK soon. And expect more capital entertainment from her off the wall Twitter musings. You have been warned.
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Jonathan said...

Always a odd match, Mensch is a self confessed Communist, whilst Bagshawe was an out and out Tory.

So there political conversations would have been very interesting..

Metallica must be breathing a sigh of relief, a pathetic groupie desperate for a boost to her fragile career and ego.
No doubt Tory Central Office will be on hand to parachute Louise into one of the vacant Tory seats.

woody said...

The links don't work (NY court, Daily Mail). Perhaps it's just a lurid gossip.

Tim Fenton said...


The links work for me.

The NY courts one needs you to enter some text to prove you are not a robot, but then takes you straight to the relevant case.

Anonymous said...

She'll get a gig on LBC, a column in the Mail or Daily Telegraph, and a regular appearance on Question Time.

Anonymous said...

Ur fascists beget urfascists.

Remember what that reactionary harridan once said..."Only the little people complain."

With that in mind, if she gets back into tory politics her constituency surgeries should make for interesting meetings......

Anonymous said...

Remind me why I'm supposed to care about a woman I've never met getting divorced?

rob said...

I suspect she is more likely to get more involved in US politics as she has made her name over there by ingratiating herself with “the resistance” against Trump and the Republicans are going to need a lot of fresh input after Trump Russia debacle. But an hour is a long time in today’s political circles so who knows?